Fall Fashion – for Mom & Baby!

Kimberly sent me the link to Baby Gap’s new toddler Deauville collection & baby Deauville collection the other day and I have been obsessing ever since, there isn’t anything that I DON’T want for Jasper for fall:


little monsier toddler outfit

motorcycle jacket

motorcycle jacket

knit cargo pants

knit cargo pants

Babies in the 12 month range can actually fit into both the baby boy and toddler styles, though there are some items like these adorable baby biker booties that only go up to 12 months:


I hanven’t done much shopping at baby Gap in the past – it’s just so expensive compared to say H&M or Old Navy and it seemed ridiculous to spend so much money on something he was going to grow out of in 3 months max.  But as most of you know, after around 12 months growth slows down considerably, so splurging on a few quality items doesn’t seem as much of a waste if he’ll be able to wear them for six months.  Particularly pieces like a winter jacket which is what I’m on the hunt for now..

Last year he wore an adorable wool sweater hand knit by my aunt Diane as his “outerwear” but he was also riding in a carseat with a fleecy bundle me – he wasn’t exposed to the elements much.  This year I think he needs a warm coat as well, but I’m not sure of the safety implications for carseat riding with say a down jacket like this “Warmest Jacket” from Gap:

warmest jacket

I’m assuming that it’s a no no, just like it was in the infant carseat.  Which leaves me looking for a warm wool coat I guess?

Like maybe this duffle coat:


or this plaid fleece lined one from Old Navy:


Have you bought your baby a winter coat yet? Any great finds you want to share?

Also, reader Samm asked about shoes for walkers… Thus far we have only put Jasper in soft soled shoes like Robeez, Robeez BRU or Target Knock offs or his KaBoogies, but Samm was concerned about the soles wearing out.. are there any other (cheaper!) options than StrideRite?  I have actually been reluctant to put Jasper in anything but the super soft shoes – he seems to trip in anything else, but they don’t offer much protection from the elements so we need to explore some other options as well.

Of course mommy might need some new clothes too, particularly if like me, you were still recently postpartum last fall, and pregnant the fall before.. it’s been YEARS since I wore my pre-pregnancy fall clothes and I’ve lost all hope of fitting into them again.

I have to put in a HUGE plug for H&M skinny pants and Jeans.. I just bought one pair of dark denim SQLM (I thin that’s what they are called) and a pair of grey ones with some stretch and I am in LOVE. Both look great under the oversized tops I need to favor now and under boots:


I haven’t found pants that fit my postpartum lower half better than H&M. I actually feel like I look GOOD in these pants, which is saying a lot!

Post a link to anything you are loving for the fall, and if you do want to purchase anything from GAP, they have a promotion going on right now where if you buy any 1 baby item you get 15% off an adult item (GAP4U coupon code).

Even better, if you enter your child into the Baby Gap Casting call you will get coupons for 20% off your entire in store purchase or 20% off your online purchase of $100 or more.

And while you are there, you can cast your vote for Jasper.. just sayin’ :)

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Alicia says:

Hope you’re doing okay. Hugs. <3

amahrey says:

i don’t usually reply on here, but i do adore baby gap clothes and find that they last FOREVER. i also put him in them early size-wise and just cuff them. we definitely get 6 mos. out of stuff that way.

that trapper hat is super cute, but i think i am way over the hat limit for fall/winter already :)

our baby gap stores in the area never seem to have everything that is listed online, and the sale racks seem to get picked over pretty quickly. however, if i check the baby gap website about once a week, i can usually find the stuff i want marked down on there- maybe not as much as it would be later in the season in the store, but things seem to get marked down pretty quickly online and i don’t have to go to the mall.

we got some nice shoes at a stride rite outlet for $25. maybe you have one near you?

ariana says:

GG, I don’t think there IS one in our area!! (I’m still looking :)

ariana says:

Cool Samm – what did you get??

G.G. says:

Love the trapper hat in the top photo. I’ve seen a similar one at Gymboree – I think the hat is a must-have.

And girl, when are you gonna go find a decent pumpkin patch? You need tons of bright pumpkins in the background. Your pics were really sweet but I could hardly tell Jasper was even at a Pumpkin Patch!

Samm Ivri says:

Ariana, thanks for the shoe request! I ended up finding great deals on some good brands at Kohl’s!

Samantha says:

My absolute favorite baby shoes are these: http://www.livieandluca.com/

We’ve had Stride Rite shoes too and honestly, I wasn’t impressed.

You have to watch the sizing with the Livie and Luca’s if your little one has chubby feet though, some work better than others. I’ve called customer service and they told me which ones work, the new boot styles don’t.

They’re kind of pricy but I’ve always been able to find a good discount.

Dee B says:

I’ve bought a lot of stuff for my baby from Baby gap and I usually go on weekdays and they have lot of surprise sales, like 25% off clearance/sale merchandise. The key is to visit them occasionally and see what they have on their sale rack. And I’ve seen that the quality is so much better than H&M or old navy, and better prices when bought on sale.
So, good luck :)

kari says:

I am right there w/ you on that Gap collection – its adorable! (In the “Im not trying to be this cute, I just can’t help it” kind of way) i don’t have any links to add…

but i did vote for jasper :)

ariana says:

Alicia grass is always greener, 106 sounds pretty good, well ok, not really, that’s pretty hot, but I’d rather a FL winter than a NY winter any day!

I agree the fan favorite is a total crock (popularity contest) but the real prize (i guess) is being chosen by the judges to be a winner. I also don’t think they’ve EVER chosen a baby boy winner younger than 3, so it’s kinda pointless but I did it anyway :)

Alicia says:

I’m drooling looking at these clothes – or should I say sweating? So jealous. The Heat Index down here yesterday was 106. Some “Fall.”
I entered that Gap Contest thing – but what a crock – did you see the top 10 so far by votes? None of them are remotely cute – their parents simply somehow got entire continents to vote for them. So rigged.

ariana says:

Thanks for all the links Kimberly! I figured about the down coat. Jasper would FREAK if I put it on over him backwards LOL! It’s like a straightjacket that way :)

Pam, sorry to ruin that fab find for you! I’m jealous of your warm weather though. Our winters are long and cold.

pam says:

I just need to say how excited I was about my awesome buy last year. I bought the boys the Warmest Jacket from the afterseason sales for $12 each! And now I find out they can’t ride in their carseats in them.

Just as well we live in Louisiana. They’re probably get hardly any use anyway.

Megan says:

I’ve been told Clark’s has quality shoes for kids in about the $25 price range. They don’t have them online b/c babies need to be fitted, but that’s much more affordable than the $50 stride rites and I guess they are less orthopedic looking.

Kimberly says:

Ok, I guess I commented before I really read the entire post.
Babies should NEVER ride strapped in a carseat while wearing a bulky jacket like the “warmest coat.” But you can strap them in and then put the jacket on them backwards over the buckles (does that make sense?).

Also, my experience with Gap is that James has been able to wear virtually everything I’ve bought there for at least 6 months. I start him wearing stuff when it’s slightly big… it’s easy to roll cuffs, and they really do last a LONG time. Particularly cardigan sweaters and jackets, which I think run a little big. James is STILL able to wear a couple of his 6-12 month things even though 12-18 fits perfectly, and has for several months now. Also, the 12-18 month size just overlaps infant/toddler… there is NO difference in the sizing of the garments.

James wears primarily Pediped shoes – soft soled but tough enough for little walkers to wear outdoors. This is a link to just one of several pairs James has… http://www.pediped.com/Product/ProductInfo.aspx?id=220&cid=54 I also have a couple of pairs of See Kai Run, which have a flexible rubber sole, and they’re great. James has this pair… http://www.seekairun.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=PAUL

I buy EVERYTHING on sale… the shoes at a local baby boutique. Happy shopping! :)

Kimberly says:

Hey, sorry to turn you on to my baby obsession (you should see James’ closet, it’s sick). But don’t buy full-price at Gap… they have fantastic sales, and if you get a Gap credit card you get even more discounts and rewards dollars… plus they will do a one-time price-adjust if you bring in your receipt. It’s only 7 days post-purchase now… it used to be 14 days. But I tend to stalk the Baby Gap store and get nearly everything at really good discounts. And I almost NEVER miss out on something because I didn’t buy it right away full-price. OH! And when you make a purchase, you will OFTEN get a survey slip, that you go online to fill out, which generates a code for 20% off any full-priced item. So good for those must-have items you don’t want to wait for! :) Have fun!