Fun with Baby Astrology!


About two years after I graduated from college I had what I call my “renaissance” period.

I had been living and working in the DC area, totally lost and unsure of what direction I wanted my life to take when I decided that I would work part time and take classes in everything I was interested in, which included a photography class, guitar lessons and studying astrology.

My heightened interest in astrology stemmed from having my chart read from an incredibly gifted astrologer when I was 13.  I’m not talking about the sort of sun sign only astrology that lumps everyone born in the same month into one category, but the incredible art/science of taking a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment that someone is born (down to the second) and interpreting the whole chart into a portrait of that person, completely unique from anyone else ever born.

It was a skill that I was never able to master. Sure, you can read a cookbook type meaning of what every planet in every sign means and make one long list for each person, but what will emerge is a hodgepodge of sometimes seemingly contradictory verdicts, for example: sun in leo = “you will be very social” but Scorpio ascendant = “you will be reserved”.  These sorts  of contradictions can turn people off from astrology but isn’t it true that we are all an amalgamation of contradictory tendencies? The true art of astrology is looking at all of the influences in a chart as a whole and siphoning out which traits are more dominant and in what area of life.

But I digress, back to my experience at 13..

Having my chart read was like having a person who I had never met before know me better than I knew myself, and who explained things about myself that I barely even realized, and some that hadn’t come true yet.

For example, she told me that I had an obsessive  relationship with diet and exercise.. I remember not being able to relate to this at all at the time.  It wasn’t until my mid twenties that this became a defining and fairly prominent theme in my life.

I have my theories but  I can’t say definitively why astrology works, but just that in my experience it does – which suits my agnostic threshold about such things. Your threshold may vary..but, if you are even a little bit open to it chances are you will get a kick out of learning more about your chart and your baby’s chart too!

You don’t have to pay an astrologer to learn the basics, all you need to know is the exact minute and place of birth and to sign up for a free chart at!

There you can run all sorts of free reports/charts for you and other adults in your life, and certain types of reports for your baby (they limit the types of readings that can be done for ages 6 and under to the “Short report – children and Young people.”)

It gives a basic interpretation of the sun sign, ascendant sign, moon sign etc.  You may be surprised at how much you recognize your child in this little narrative.  For example Jasper is a Leo, which is the most dramatic of all signs (it rules the theater for example).  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since he was just weeks old even our cranial sacral therapist said he was a drama queen and just today his daycare teacher joked that’s what they all said he should be for Halloween!

Clearly these little computer generated “horoscopes” are no substitution for having a full reading by a professional astrologer, but it’s a fun diversion for a rainy day..


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Jill says:

How cool is that?! This is my fun project for today :)

jbhat says:

Oh…I see in the comments that he came in the afternoon. What a guy!

jbhat says:

We just did this or a similar thing last night. It’s scary how accurate the descriptions are.

I still love that our babies have the same birthday! And seriously, I can tell that she is already going to be a total drama queen. She was born at 10:55 p.m. When was Jasper’s arrival? (I guess I could peek into the archives to find out.)

ariana says:

Lou, this site has some good interpretations:

Hmmm..seems Wes is an Aries with Cancer rising. I don’t know what that means yet, lol, but it’ll be fun to read up on!

Samm Ivri says:

Wow cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

kari says:

VERY cool!!!
drama drama drama… totally appropriate!

fyi… Liam was born at 12:59 (just 15 minutes before jasper… well – i guess technically Jasper was first due to the time zones, but how funny is it that their birth times are a mere 15 minutes difference!!)

ariana says:

Wow Kari, how amazing!! I remember the astrologer telling me (because I was also born in the afternoon) that it is a rare soul that chooses to enter the world in the mid day.. most babies come more inconspicuously in the middle of the night!

Marcia says:

Ooh, I love this stuff! Thanks for posting it, and I agree with Leos being dramatic. Our little Leo was born a drama queen. A lion would have made for a good halloween costume, too late though.