Maternity Clothes, Who Needs Them?

I got a nice comment from UK reader Kitty about this post about my mostly target spring maternity wardrobe:

I love you Ariana – I have a trip to Ibiza in 3 weeks and was starting to despair
about the

Baby Cheapskate

Check out this cool baby deals blog!

This one is definitely one to bookmark..

Pregnacy Podcasts – they’re Pregtastic!

I’m a big podcast listener. Mostly I am just a public radio junkie who doesn’t spend enough time in her car to get her daily fill, so I subscribe to several podcasts (This American Life and Fresh Air being …

Baby Gap Home

Move over PB Kids and Land of Nod, there’s a new kid in town, Baby Gap has finally released it’s much anticipated “Home” line, which includes bedding collections, blankets and accessories. And, unlike the disappointing PBK spring styles, these ones …

Nymbler, a Fun Baby Naming Website!

I just discovered this fun little website that is based on the book The Baby Name Wizard which I recommend highly.

Nymbler asks you to enter up to six names you like, and then it will generate a list of …