Fashionable Baby Wraps

I have read so many ecstatic reviews by new moms on the nest about their moby baby carriers that I figured I’d better get one too!

Of course a plain solid color one won’t do, so I’m going to place an order with etsy seller Lovey Duds who makes the wraps in your choice of her large selection of funky fabrics like this one:

The only problem is picking just one!

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ariana says:

Emily, glad you hear your son liked the hotsling, my friend just emailed me saying the peanut shell was on it’s way, so now I’ll have two options since I ordered the moby type wrap today. I can totally see how the hotsling/peanut is more convenient for a quick run into a store, much easier than doing the whole wrap thing!

Emily says:

My son loved his hotsling and still does though the heavier he gets the harder it is to carry him in it for practical purposes. If I am running into a store for a brief trip or something and he’s along, I will put him in that.

As a tiny little one the hot sling allowed him to curl up all fetal like again and really snuggle down. He would nap in there and I would just rest. As he had more head control and I could put him facing forward, he loved to sit in it kangaroo style.

Emilee says:

I love the loveyduds wraps. She has so many fabric options, and they are all gorgeous.

Melanie says:

I’d probably get one and then order another one once the baby is here if he likes it! My baby ended up hating the wrap type carrier, she was not into being “worn”! lol! but she loves the Bjorn. Go figure!

ariana says:

Jaimie, it IS so hard to choose isn’t it?

Dawn, I was supposed to get a peanut shell from a friend (same thing as hotsling), but she hasn’t sent it yet so I’m not counting on it anymore! I’m thinking of maybe buying one at Buy Buy Baby in addition to this one.

I think it’s actually different than a mei Tai wrap, its more like a Moby which is really just fabric. I could be wrong though, all this baby wearing stuff confuses me, but I’m glad to hear Noah loved it!

I love this pattern too, I have a feeling though Jeff will say it’s too girly for “his boy” so was trying to get something more boyish. :)

Dawn says:

I absolutely LOVE the one in that picture! I wore Noah for his first 4 months of life and loved it. I hope this next kid enjoys it as much. I used a Hotsling mostly and once tried a Mai Tai (which looks like the one you’re commenting on). I may take the plunge and get this though, it’s adorable!

Jaimie says:

I have bought a couple of carriers too in anticipation of our upcoming baby. I got a plain Moby wrap in pale blue and a Babyhawk in a fun pattern. It’s really hard to choose from all the carriers out there — they all seem to have their pros and cons. I tried both of these carriers on in a shop and found them both really comfortable.

Katherine says:

Oooh, very pretty. I received one in the color “moss”. Counting down the days until I can use it!

farah says:

oh i like it !!