Baby Crack Machine?

I have seen new moms on the refer to these sound machines as crack for babies.

If you’ve seen the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (and if you haven’t, you need to!) Dr. Sears describes why babies are so soothed by certain sounds. If his shushing in the ear technique doesn’t work, he recommends parents run a hair dryer just for the sound!

A better more energy efficient way to get the same effect without increasing your electric bill OR wearing out the belt on your vacuum is to download some of the sounds from the album “VA Sleeping Baby” on iTunes.

It has Womb Sounds, Heartbeat, Vacuum, Running Water and more!

We have an iHome thingy in Jasper’s room plus both his bouncer seat and swing have MP3 inputs so we can play these if we find them necessary. Of course we’re hoping he’ll be an angel baby and not need any sound intervention, but I always prefer to err on the side of preparation.

Maybe you’ll find them useful too!

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Sheri says:

Love the iTunes idea! I’ll definitely have to download that album.

ariana says:

Katherine, Yes!! That’s the exact bouncer seat we got. It’s the only one that aesthetically I could deal with. My only concern is that the fabric is not very soft, but I guess if he’s swaddled first or whatever it will be fine. We haven’t set ours up yet, let me know how you like it when you do!

Farah says:

MT loves hte shushing noie and all things nature sounds. birds, crickets, waterfalls, etc.

Katherine says:

Hey, did you by chance get the Combi Pod Bouncer with iPod input?? That’s what I registered for, and lucky me, my shower hostesses bought it for me! I am looking forward to opening the box later tonight when my husb gets home. You sound very very prepared for J’s arrival. Keep it up. :)

ariana says:

Hi Mel! I would totally get that, except we already bought the iHome which already has a clock, radio, alarm and an ipod dock.. that’s why the mp3s work for us ;)

Melanie says:

a cheapy sound machine does the trick too! we got ours from target, it’s a digital alarm clock with a sound machine!