First Breast Feeding Class Tonight

But first, some pictures!

The rug arrived from Target last night and I love it:

More pictures here on

So last weekend we went to our first childbirth preparation class.

I was worried it would be weird because it’s at the hospital we WOULD have delivered at had I stayed with the evil OBs. Jeff was convinced they’d give us a guilt trip like the people in L&D did when i went there for my second preterm labor episode.

But, to our surprise the instructor was wonderful and didn’t question us at all. I was also pleasantly surprised with her pro-natural labor perspective. She is a NICU nurse there at Good Sam and also studying to be a lactation consultant and is a Doula, so she has her feet in both the natural and traditional medicine camps. Because of this, I feel like we are getting the best of both worlds and I’m very happy with the class so far.

We go back for the second half on Sunday.

In the meantime, tonight I have my breastfeeding preparation class at Phelps, the hospital I WILL be delivering at.

I’m glad I’m taking that class at Phelps because it is taught by the on staff lactation consultants, so not only will I have a chance to get to know them in advance, but I will also learn a bit more about what services they offer and when (i.e. will they be there to help with the first latch?)

Another bonus is that the classes are free because I am seeing the midwives at the Open Door Clinic.. I think I have mentioned before this clinic is primarily for under or non insured people in the community. I have insurance, great insurance in fact, but I ended up there sort of by chance and now I’m feeling guilty like I’m taking advantage of the free services. But I did offer to pay, so I suppose there’s not much more I can do.

If it weren’t so far from home, I’d love to volunteer at the clinic, it’s an amazing place that serves so many people. I truly don’t know how they do it!

It does present some awkward situations though.. like last appointment when the care coordinator called me into her office to fill out some forms. When I inquired more about what they were she said “fill it out and if you’re qualified you get free food!” I finally realized it was some sort of state application for foodstamps and other things.

It took me a while to impress upon her (English is not her first language) that I was pretty certain that my husband and I made too much money to qualify for government assistance, but thank you very much!

So, I’ll let you know tomorrow how breastfeeding class goes. I must say more than anything I’m nervous about the BF part due to the multitude of horror stories I’ve read/heard on the nest and other places.. seems that it’s awfully difficult for something supposedly so natural…

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ariana says:

Thanks Emily, the class was useless. And I do think way too much :)

Emily says:

ariana-i have heard that the classes are useless. it’s hard to imagine doing it until you are doing it. please don’t believe the horror stories on the nest. breastfeeding is hard particularly for women who think a lot (b/c you literally spend so much time doing it and thinking about it in the first weeks) but one day it does click and it is easy and it is entirely and completely worth it and you can find support to continue!

ariana says:

Thank god I have all you guys to give me the “real scoop” on BF because the class was pretty useless!

Dawn, I do totally remember that now. Wow, you really were the best wedding planner (and friend) ever! You should have totally blew me off :)

Emily says:

The rug looks amazing. If you have the proper support network, the breastfeeding will be fine. It is, for sure, the thing you will have the most questions about. This is b/c you will spend infinite amounts of time doing it and wondering if you are doing it right.

Please feel free to post any of your questions here and those of us who have done it successfully can try to help you out or steer you in the right direction. Also kellymom is a great site for questions.

You will do great and one day you will be breastfeeding and you will think, Oh my goodness. This is the most natural thing in the world and we are doing this together! There is a feeling of immense pride that comes from feeding your baby the way nature intended and when your baby gains and thrives and it’s because of you, you will feel prouder than you ever have!

Enjoy the classes!

tryingin2007 says:

BF scares the crap out of me! no doubt it will be very challenging for me. I’m looking forward to hearing how your class went (and to hear all your great tips.)

the rug is super cute! :) jasper is a very lucky boy.

Chantal says:

BF is my only concern at this point as well. It seems like everyone I know has had some sort of trouble. What surprised me was how at my classes they made it seem like there was nothing to be concerned about and the women who had trouble just weren’t trying that hard. I was so mad! I think I just had a bad instructor though. I hope your class goes better than mine did!

Dawn says:

By the way – I got a little chuckle tonight when I realized that my first birth class was just after your first wedding dress fitting. Remember that? It was pouring rain and we were late and I felt like such an idiot walking into a full class with giant pillows in a garbage bag and a wet umbrella. But I’d do anything for you. As it turns out no one from the class remember the entrance we made (thank God) and I’m great friends with half the couples to this day. Have fun at class!

Farah says:

have a good class!

I just adore your nursery

Melanie says:

I hope the class helps. We also had a very difficult time, you hit the nail on the head, for something so natural, it certainly doesn’t happen that way!! Good luck :-)

Dawn says:

You’ll do great! It’s good to know that breastfeeding MAY not come naturally to you and Jasper but if you really want to nurse there is a lot of support and guidance available through the hospital, lactation consultants and friends. It’s not easy for everyone and you do have to want to breastfeed because no matter what there will be times that it’s not all magic and fireworks. Keep an open mind.

Gina says:

I breastfed my son and was also an LLL leader…
Breastfeeding sometimes comes naturally, sometimes doesn’t…but like everything worth while – the effort is so worth it…
I’m sure you know the research re: the health benefits/bonding benefits, etc…
One of the most amazing experiences in my life was being able to nourish my child :)
Wishing you a wonderful class, and a happy, healthy delivery!!!!

Kayla says:

Breastfeeding is hard! Wes never got the hang of it (his prematurity was probably a factor there) but we tried for weeks. I never got the chance to take a class though since I was in the hospital with him when the one I was scheduled for rolled around..hopefully it’ll make it easier for you!

Melis says:

I hope you BF class goes well for you. I took one with my first 4 years ago, but BF just didn’t work for us. I had myself convinced that if I didn’t do it I was a HORRIBLE mom and not fit enough to call myself a real woman. I got over that when I realized how much my whole family (babe included) was suffering because I refused to let a bottle or pacifier took her lips. Once I accepted that BF wasn’t working for us, life improved for everyone.

I had my second 8 weeks ago and from the very first time, BF has worked just like it’s supposed to. The only difference I can think of is that this time around I knew what NOT to do. I also watched BF videos that showed real babies latching on to real moms. It was so much clearer than trying to practice holds with a baby doll.

Whatever happens just remember that you need to do what works best for you and your baby. If it’s BF, great. If it’s bottles and formula, great. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Good luck to you!