A (Sasha) Star is Born!

I don’t think her middle name had anything to do with it, it was really just completely a case of being in the right place at the right time and being married to the right man … in any case, we have some big news: My picture of Sasha is going to be on the new Babies R Us logo!

This is just a quick mock up, but you’ll be seeing the real thing in stores after the next branding refresh (in approximately 6 months or so):

How cute is that??

The way it came about was that Jeff who is a Director of Brand Management and Product Development at BRU was involved with this re-branding project and at the last minute they needed to change out one of the images and it needed to fit in this circular logo shape. He asked if I had one of the girls that would work, which I did not, but I told him I could TRY to shoot one.

So I dragged my giant beanbag up to our master bedroom and Willow promptly fell asleep in the c0-sleeper. So I went and got Sasha who obliged with at least 20 happy minutes on her back, smiling and posing for the camera!

To get her body to curve into a bit of a C to best fit the logo I just stuffed a blanket under her head and another one under her feet and snapped away. Here were the final three contenders:




I love the ones of her looking at the camera, but in the logo it was almost too distracting to have such direct eye contact – and I can see why they chose the giggling one: she looks so incredibly happy, who wouldn’t want to buy something from her?

Not to be outdone by her supermodel sister, later that afternoon Willow decided to roll over from front to back: TWICE!

All in all it was a big day for my girls and I couldn’t be more proud :)


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