Happy Three Months Sasha & Willow!

Ok, technically it’s 3 months and 1 week.. but you keep me very busy, so please excuse my tardiness!

Willow Rose


Willow, you are such a sweet, mellow happy baby -we call you “Chillow!”  But you are no wallflower.  Quite the opposite really – you have personality in spades.  A lopsided giant grin for anyone particularly if they sing to you.

You are definitely a people person – you gaze directly into the eyes of whoever you are interacting with but your favorite person to stare at seems to be your Daddy. You are clearly a Daddy’s girl!  You are patient and completely able to entertain yourself.  If I have the monitor on I assume you are not awake if I hear no sounds, but if I come into the room I will often find you there, sitting patiently taking in the world without a complaint!

Willow's Lashes

You are also very tenacious. Where your sister’s attention span for nursing is about 7 minutes, you are content to keep going for 15-20 minutes which is how you managed to go from the tiny twin to the giant twin, completely surpassing your sister despite the 5 the ounce handicap you started with at birth!

But what I love most about you is the way your personality shines  through your bright beautiful eyes as if it can barely be contained:


Sasha Star

Dear Sasha,

Despite a bit of a rough start due to reflux, now that the prevacid has kicked in you have become such a happy smiley girl!


Just today your daycare teacher texted me that you were barely able to take your bottle because you were smiling so much and wouldn’t stop!  Speaking of bottles, it was a little touch and go if you would take one, which doesn’t surprise me one bit because you ARE your brothers spitting image in so many ways from your appearance  to your health issues to your personality.


Your moods swing from one extreme to another in the blink of an eye – it’s not uncommon for you to go from a giant smile to that strangled and drowning cat sound that is your cry!  I sometimes call you my little kitty because of your cry and also your cat-like coos and most of all the way your larygomalacia makes it sound sometimes like you are purring when you breathe.

Your legs are so strong and you love to stand (again just like your brother!) and you REALLY love playing piano with your feet on the Kick ‘n Play. You love having your hair brushed and gazing at yourself in the mirror.  And maybe it’s just this photography mama’s  wishful thinking but it seems like you really like having your picture taken the way you pose so perfectly for me every time!


Both of you probably know by now if you are reading this years later that I was a little bit scared that I couldn’t handle two of you, but I can honestly say that it has been completely blissful being your mommy and your Daddy and big brother are completely head over heals in love with you as well –  you have truly brought double the joy to our family!

xoxo ,



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ariana says:

Jbhat, thank you for saying that, I’m so rushed these days I definitely don’t have time to labor over them, it’s think/type quick!!! :)

Hi Allie!

Lauren, I only recently realized what a treasure it really is when trying to remember what Jasper did when he was the girls age. Of course I couldn’t remember but then I though, “wait, I can go check the blog!” and there it was. Priceless!

Thank you Yvonne, the gratefulness is mutual :)

Thanks Mamma Monkey, we think so too!

Mama monkey says:

They are so beautiful!!!!!

Yvonne says:

BEAUTIFUL photos. All your kids are so lucky to have you to document their lives like this!!!! I am so grateful that we are family!!!!

Lauren says:

Wow… they are just beautiful! You are such a star for writing these letters… my 2nd son (almost 2 now) has photos… but I just haven’t written anything down like this. I’m always kicking myself for it.. but I need to just do it.. what a treasure it will be for you and them.

Allie Friedmann says:

Wow, Ari. Just wow. I love you guys! Thanks for the update.

jbhat says:

Oh! I just love these letters to your children. You have such a way with words. I wonder if writing these comes easily to you or if you labor over them with rewrites and edits. Because it seems like they just flow out of you as naturally as a sparkling stream.