Surviving Sandy


Day 5 of no power thanks to Sandy the frankenstorm.   Which means day 5 of living like pioneers – sleeping in a family bed in front of the wood burning stove that must be tended to every few hours and one-room living in what used to be our home’s formal dining room.

Its a bit ironic that what was formerly our most under- utilized room is now our ONLY room.. I have to admit though there is something very magical about an entirely candle lit room and a blazing fire and the company of family and neighbors.

People wonder how I’m holding up with the twins and no power – but honestly it’s been harder that jasper than our blissfully unaware twiglets who celebrated their one month birthday yesterday to no fanfare whatsoever!

The answer is that we are actually very fortunate that we have it as good as we do:

1) we had little property damage, some of our neighbors with trees lodged in their roofs were not nearly as fortunate

2) that my body is able to produce enough milk for two babies!  We are under a boil water alert, if I had to wash and sterilize bottles I would have lost my mind days ago.

3) we have a woodburning stove AND received a large wood delivery a week before the storm so we have a source of heat which has been the biggest challenge facing families with no power now that the temperatures have taken a nosedive.

4) we have a gas powered hot water heater so we can take hot showers and we are on town water so our toilets flush!

5) and the best of all for last: yesterday Jeff’s cousins called to say at their power returned as they were hookimg up their generator and offered to lend it to us!!!

So now we have lights, a refrigerator, unlimited device charging and the blower on our wood burning stove working which is bout as good as it gets without real power!

The bad news though is that they are estimating we won’t get power back until November 11th.  I’m  pretty sure I won’t be feeling nearly so chipper about our circumstances if that actually does turn out to be an accurate projection!

I hope that all of you reading this are also safe and weathered the storm with little damage to your health, property and/or sanity!

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jbhat says:

You’re like the Ingalls. I’m glad you weathered the storm. What an ordeal…it makes me feel awful just thinking about what’s going on out there, and gives me perspective about the things I am cranky about every day.


GiGi says:

So glad to hear you are all safe and sound. I hope power will be back quicker than expected. Hang in there!

Kate says:

Totally forgot you were in the path of Sandy. Hope you are maintaining your sanity. My parents are in NJ. They just got power back yesterday. Thank God you have water. Living without power is one thing but no water is a different beast.

I meant to ask you if you’ve had your thyroid function checked. I remember you having some supply issues when you were nursing Jasper. I had a similar temporary issue but didn’t discover my thyroid problem until I was just about finished with nursing. Somehow I continued until he was two, so it couldn’t have been too serious.

Hypothyroidism happens to skinny people too and is pretty common in women who’ve experienced unexplained infertility. Doctors typically only check TSH, which has a huge range but a TSH over 2 is suspect (most people have a TSH of 1-1.5 with free thyroid hormones FT4 and FT3 in the upper half to third of the lab range).

Sorry for rambling. Hope you are well and healing from your surgery.

Heidi says:

My parents live in Orange County, NY and everyone they know has all been told the exact same date of November 11th! There must be some type of legal issues with having power off for a longer timeframe because every single person I’ve gotten in touch with has said, “we were told we’d have power back by November 11th.”

Good luck! I hope you guys are able to get power back on earlier than anticipated.

Sarah says:

So good to hear you guys are ok! Living without power is really hard!