Daylight Savings = Mommy’s Savior??

Sleepy Eyes

Sleepy tired cranky eyes say buh bye!

When Daylight Savings ended last November I cursed the person who thought it was a good idea to CHANGE TIME.  Obviously this person was not a parent of a toddler.

Before that fateful day in November, Jasper had no problem sleeping until 7:30 am…It was blissful.   Eventually he did get used to the time change and we had a good run for a month or two, but over the past few months Jasper’s wake up time has slowly migrated back towards 6:30.

First it was 7:15, then 7:oo, then 6:30 and on some bad days it’s 6:00-6:15 and it’s KILLING ME! The problem is that I was used to going to bed at midnight, which allowed me enough “mommy time” to get a few things done for myself, not the least of which is photography and blogging.  Midnight-7:30 or even 7 was more than enough sleep for me, but six hours is just not enough, so I’ve had to grudgingly resolve to put myself to bed an hour earlier than I want to go.. often leaving projects half way done or barely started.

So I have high hopes for this weekend, the weekend that the rest of the country dreads  as the one in which they  “lose an hour of sleep.”   If I am lucky and all goes according to plan, Jasper’s wake up time through the magic of DST will become 7ish instead of the ungodly hour of 6ish.

If you  have a similar mission, I wish you good luck and godspeed.  And if all else fails, lots and lots of caffeine!

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Lindsay says:

My son’s sleep schedule got messed up with DST too and he’s also waking up at the ungodly hour of 6 am. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the that new time change works in our favor!

Ava says:

Oh, man, I hope G and J sleep in Sunday onwards. I just want my extra hour of sleepy kid back. Where did he go?

You heard S say that G’s been taking up by 6:30 every morning. However, I wholeheartedly disagree that this is a good thing during the week. I get up at 6 and I NEED that time to get myself and his stuff ready to go before I go wake him up. G waking up on his own messes with my whole routine, because when he wakes he starts crying and needs someone right away.
Week-end wake-ups also suck. Mommy wants to sleep in too :(

Mrs Brown says:

PS the gyro toddler bowl is great too

Mrs Brown says:

I swear by this night light! Ellie is only 16 months but she knows that if she wakes up and it is still the moon and not the sun, she is going back to bed. It helps bcause she knows what to expect.

ariana says:

Mrs. Brown that is BRILLIANT!!! I am so ordering that..

Pamela says:

I am also looking forward to the time change.

Yvonne says:

Clearly people with children did not invent daylight savings time. I find that in the fall, the getting up an hour earlier is unbearable, and in the spring, not being able to go to bed at the earlier “new” time is equally unbearable. I try about a week before to put them to bed 15 min earlier/later (depending on whether clocks go forward or back), then on Wed or Thurs 1/2 hour earlier/later, and then on Saturday as early/late as I can stand. Does it make much of a difference? Probably not. But it makes me feel like I am doing “something” about it.

Shane says:

I hadn’t thought about this benefit of the time change. Now I have high hopes for Sunday. G goes to bed around 7-7:15 pm and falls asleep FAST (5-10 mins). He wakes up around 6:15 am during the week – which is good because we’re out of the house a little before 7 am. On the weekends we’re lucky for him to sleep until 7 am — he just doesn’t know what Weekends are yet!!!!

Like Jasper once he’s up, he doesn’t want to snuggle in bed w/ us.

I used to get soooo much done in the evening, now I’m exhausted and go to bed early even on Fri and Sat nights.

ariana says:

Good luck Kristy!! Hope JoJo cooperates.

Jaimie, Jasper goes to bed around 7:30ish. Jasper also used to get up around 5:00 or so, at which point I would nurse him back to sleep and he would stay put until 7:30. He started waking up closer to 6 but now has no interest in nursing back to sleep (maybe because I tried weaning him and threw in the towel because I wanted my sleep back!) anymore, as soon as he wakes up he wants UP for good now!!

Cynthia, at 4.5 months I was waking up like 5 times a night to nurse Jasper… those were the “dark ages” :) It wasn’t until we ferberized around 6 months that anyone got a decent night sleep! Plus there is a 4 month sleep regression. Hopefully you’ll get into a better groove soon!

I do not know what this weekend or next week will bring for me!! My daughter is 4.5 months old and has a very consistent (for now) sleeping schedule…we will see. She thinks 5 am is a GREAT wake up time…uggghh. Can not complain though. I hope your little one sleeps till 7 am again. I know how going to bed at 12 am and waking up early feels :)!

Jaimie says:

I guess it’s all relative, but I’m pleased (nay, delighted!) if my son sleeps in until 6:15! What time does Jasper go to bed? We have an early bird at our house who commonly gets up between 5:00 and 6:00. I’ve had to resign myself to going to bed really early to get enough sleep, which doesn’t leave much evening time. However, I’m too tired to do much in the evening anyway, due to getting up at 5:30!

Kristy says:

I have high hopes for sleeping till 7am this weekend. My toddler WAS sleeping later, but is now back on the 5:45/6am wake up call. People should just not be up that early on a weekend. Good luck to you guys… I will let you know how it goes at our house :-)