All Hail the King (Tempurpedic!)

It was an eventful weekend at casa Falerni.. Saturday I had a newborn shoot which took up the majority of my day. When I got home late in the afternoon we headed right over to Sleepy’s.  Having been there a few times prior, we knew if we ordered Saturday we could be sleeping in our new bed by Sunday night.

We knew we wanted a King, and we knew we wanted a Tempurpedic, the only remaining question was deciding between the “Cloud” and the “Cloud Supreme.”  The difference is that the Supreme is softer, and for that extra softness you pay a $700 premium.

I’m quite sure that had we never laid on the Cloud Supreme we would have thought that the Cloud was the most.comfortable. bed.ever.  But comparing them side-by-side, there is an undeniable difference. On the Supreme I couldn’t feel ANY points of tension anywhere in my body, whereas on the Cloud I could feel it a bit in my lower back.

Given we plan on sleeping on this mattress for the next 10 years or more, I knew that if we let the price tag and not comfort be the deciding factor, the potential buyer’s remorse would drive me to the nuthouse.

So King Cloud Supreme arrived around lunchtime on Sunday..(and OMG it’s HUGE. Our bedroom now feels like it is half it’s previous size!)

Jasper was more than willing to help “break it in” as the sales person suggested we do. He’s a big fan of the new bed, when Jeff said that it was “Mommy and Daddy’s new bed” Jasper said “Yes, and Jasper’s too!”

He knows a good thing when he sees it:




Trying out the new bed




Now all that is left is to order new bedding!

We went to Home Goods yesterday afternoon where I got some nice high threadcount plain white sheets (so we could sleep on it last night!) but they didn’t have any decent King Duvet covers (I checked TJ Maxx too.) So we need a Duvet cover, another sheet set and a Down Comforter. I was all set to order the down comforter on Overstock when I started reading the reviews, many of which said that some of the baffles had NO filling in them!

Do you have a favorite source for nice but reasonably priced bedding?

After a blissful night’s sleep last night (even Jasper seemed to sleep more soundly on the new bed!) I have to say that I’m thrilled with our decision, even though I’m still recovering a bit from the sticker shock!!

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Kara says:

I am a bit late posting, but I am a HUGE fan of JC Penney bedding. Beautiful down comforters and pillows. If you check and search for JC Penney you can typically get a coupon code for an additional 15% off. It’s free shipping to the store.

Apartment Therapy did a post on the best organic sheets and they loved the ones from Target, CB2 and West Elm. Very soft and reasonably priced.

Dee says:

OMG! The pics are darn cute! Hubby and I have been wanting tempurpedic for quite some time but have put it off becoz of the cost. But good to know that its a fantastic buy :)
Regarding the bedding, I ordered some cotton sheets from OS and they were below par. I wouldnt order the bedding online as you dont know the quality or feel of it unless you have already checked it out at a store. I was there at Macys the other day in Jefferson valley mall(across the Hudson river from your place) and found some really great deals on the Ralph Lauren down comforter ($99 bucks on sale and if you have their coupons of 15% off it gets even cheaper). I own a Ralph Lauren down comforter (which we bought at the Woodbury outlet) and its the warmest one and excellent quality but it costed us like 200 bucks! I got a medium warmth comforter from Ikea and washed it couple of times but its just alright for the price you pay. Regarding the sheets I would recommend Bloomingdales (more choice high quality sheets than Macys). Keep an eye out for their brown bag sales! Good luck

Siska Marie says:

Oh man, my husband’s back needs that mattress!
I have been very happy with my Garnet Hill sheets and duvet covers. My duvet is from The Company Store but last time I checked, they only seemed to sell oversized king duvets. Ikea is not a bad place for fitted sheets either.

Mary says:

I am a fan of LL Bean for down comforters. I have had one for YEARS, and it is still as comfy and warm as it was when I bought it!

Katherine says:

Great photos indeed!! I just want to chime in — I am very happy with my sateen sheets from Crate and Barrel. They are very soft and durable. I would definitely buy more from them if I upgrade to a king size. Ahhhh.

Mrs Brown says:

I bought a really great down filled duvet from Costco online and they delivered it right to the house. I ordered 3 and returned the ones I didn’t like. The Kirkland one was the nicest in real life. It doesn’t shed at all, or smell, and has nice even fill.

I’m still looking for a really nice duvet cover, but in the meantime, my Ikea one is…. OK. Especially since Ellie still wipes her hands on it every once in a while.

I will be very interested to see where you get your duvet cover.

Alexandria says:

glad you guys like you’re new bed!

Alex says:

Tamara loves Dwell. They have a sample sale in the city twice a year.

We don’t have a Tempurpedic, but we do have a king sized latex bed that we bought 4 years ago. A great mattress is one of the best purchases you can make! The only downside is that hotel stays are never as comfortable or luxurious as they once were. Oh well!

Lindsay says:

Congratulations on your new mattress! We need a new one in a couple years and now I really want a Temperpedic! I don’t haveany bedding suggestions, but I bought a down comforter from Overstock once. It was horrible! While there was filling in all of the spaces, it was so little that it was more like a flat sheet then a comforter. It was so bad we only used it for a day before buying a new one from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Jennifer says:

I second the Company Store suggestion!!! Bought their $99 non down comforter and have washed it to death (took it out of the duvet and we just love it) and it still looks white and crisp like day one. It’s light weight and we layer.

We love our Tempurpedic too, sadly we bought it 8 yrs ago…but looking at the Cloud makes me giddy; only a few more years!!!! Enjoy!

Joelle says:

Yea! Congrats on the new bed. Our king size arrives today – which we are thrilled about; however, after reading this, I’m sorry we didn’t go with tempurpedic too…

sleep well

jbhat says:

This is so thrilling. Great pics!


Pam says:

We bought our comforter from Ikea about 5 years ago. They have one that has two comforters that you can velcro together for extra warmth in the winter and then you can just have one for the summer. It stills holds it’s shape today. Love it!! (sorry, it’s been so long I can’t remember the price.)

DebZorn says:

I love the father/son pictures. Your boys are so cute. Check out The Company Store. I’ve been happy with their (non-down)comforters. I especially like that their comforters have little snap tabs on them that connect to their duvet covers to keep the comforter from sliding around in the the cover. Sweet dreams!

Congratulations! Love the pictures, and love hearing about other parents that are happy to have their little ones in bed with them! :)

GiGi says:

CONGRATS! We have a 7 year old tempurpedic mattress and we’ll never EVER own anything but! I don’t have any advice on the comforter, but I wanted to add that, if you haven’t already, consider switching to tempurpedic pillows. We treat ours like security blankets and they go every where we go. :+)


ariana says:

LOL GiGi, Jeff has been talking about those pillows ever since we left Sleepy’s!

Thanks Miz Booshay, I forgot about Garnet Hill!

Miz Booshay says:

No, but I have a source for unreasonably priced bedding…my very favorite Garnet Hill.

Jeff says:

Best purchase EVER! BTW the picture of Jasper and I zonked out might be my new favorite.