NAET Treatments and Progress

I promised in this post to write about what the NAET treatment protocol is like, so it’s back to discussing GI Jasper for a bit..though stay tuned because I’m going to post a Charmed & Dangerous giveaway this afternoon!

Adults are normally “treated” by holding a vial of the offending substance while the practitioner either does accupuncture or accupressure and then avoiding the substance for 25 hours. Since we are treating an exclusively breastfed baby, I must avoid the substance for 24 hours BEFORE the treatment so that Jasper is not getting it through my breastmilk.

This avoidance is easier said than done, particularly because the first treatments are to things like calcium and vitamins.. which are in so many foods!

The first treatment we did was to egg, which is always the first treatment because the egg protein is similar to many proteins found in the human body and protein is an essential building block.  Egg is also symbolic of new beginnings and birth, so many babies that had a traumatic birth experience, either phsycially or emotionally are sensitive to egg.

In Jasper’s case, his birth and first few days were definitely traumatic physically.  The day he was born is also an emotionally charged day as he was born on the day of my father’s birth, but also on the day of Jeff’s mother’s death.. his sensitivity to egg as a result of his birth existed on more than one level and we spent quite some time clearing him on both levels.

Egg itself wasn’t hard to avoid (I hadn’t been eating it anyway because I’d heard it causes fussiness in infants) but you must also avoid anything “egg” related, including chicken or feathers. This meant that we had to remove our down comforter and pillows and I had to wear a wool coat instead of a down coat so that Jasper wouldn’t be within 5 feet of feathers for the 25 hours.

But the egg avoidance was easy compared to the next treatment for calcium.  Calcium is in pretty much everything. The instructions say not to eat chicken or fish, so I ended up eating Beef evey though Jasper tested weak for it. I had to have some protein to function (and produce milk!)

After your treatment you test the substance again at your next appointment to make sure you’ve “cleared” it. If not, you have to repeat the process.

I have to say I have seen a definite improvement in jasper just since doing these treatments. He still wakes up in pain like clockwork at 1:30 and 4 am ish with bad gas pains, but he is sleeping MUCH more fitfully inbetween those times.  He has also been so much less fussy during the day.

In fact, Friday was perhaps Jasper’s best day ever! He was a complete joy. Nothing seemed to bother him and he was a smiley happy little ball of joy. So much so that we even dared to go out to dinner with him.. and he was on his best behavior even when he woke up half way through our meal (which normally means we have to ask for our check and a to-go box!)

We haven’t eaten out since before I started TED, so it’s been over a month. I had a desperate craving for sushi. The problem is that Jasper tested weak for soy. Sushi without soy sauce.. ick!

Then I rememered what our NAET practitioner said about trying to eat the foods Jasper tested weak for at least once a week and decided to go for it and have the soy sauce…

Bad decision.

Jasper was a complete whiny fussy mess ALL day Saturday. The contrast between Saturday and Friday was just so unbelievable. You wouldn’t even believe it was the same child!  I will definitely NOT be eat soy again until Jasper is cleared for it.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I think I’ve identified the one food that causes Jasper to break out with an ezcema rash: Lemon.  I shouldn’t be too surprised by this one because my paternal grandmother breaks out into hives when she has citrus. But I was a little shocked because Lemon is one of the three foods that the medical intuitive told us would be Jasper’s ‘lifelong remedies!’  Hah.

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jbhat says:

Okay, great. Good for GI Jasper. And good for you too!

farah says:

Hot Damn, look at that! Yah for progress

ariana says:

Oh, yes, thank you! Off to correct my bad grammer :)

jbhat says:

What the heck! This has been super educational for me. Just one question. Did you mean to say he slept much LESS fitfully between those wakings?