I am a Proud Mamma and Some NAET Updates

I don’t know if the NAET treatments are finally working or Jasper has just grown out of some of his “issues” but he has been such a good boy lately that you must allow me to brag!

This past Sunday we drove into NYC (about 45 minutes) to have brunch with some friends and he didn’t cry in his car seat the ENTIRE way there OR back! Even at brunch he was really well behaved. Well, other than that he tried to grab my coffee cup off the table..but really, it is such a huge difference from where he was even just a month ago. Even the receptionist at the Pediatrician’s office has noticed the difference. She said he was like a different baby!

Unfortunately he’s traded his hatred for the car seat for a hatred of putting his arms though clothes. It’s the weirdest thing – he just HATES it all the sudden. He used to have no problem getting dressed. I just attribute it to his age and that his likes and dislikes seem to change with the direction of the wind.

Speaking of NAET things have gotten intersting.. we are currently treating for dairy after I had some half and half in my coffee a couple of weeks ago and he got a bad eczema flare up… two days later I had beef and it got even worse! We had a follow up appointment with his Pedi GI and got another occult fecal blood test done and sure enough Jasper tested positive (a very very trace amount though.)

I was upset about the severity of the eczema because before NAET I had consumed both dairy and Beef and the reaction seemed to only be intestinal.  But Kristina (his NAET practitioner) told me that it’s age related so newborns show the symtoms in their digestion, then around 5-6 months it starts migrating to the skin. In older kids it tends to be mood and behavioral.


The NAET treatments have actually been fascinating all around lately as it turns out many of his sensitivities around dairy are on an emotional level. For example what remained of his sensitivity to milk mix (which includes breastmilk) was panic, fear and abandonment stemming from his birth.

It all makes sense considering that a few minutes after he latched on to me for the first time they whisked him off to the special care nursery where he had to spend the next two days pretty much alone except when I came to nurse him. So he was repeatedly going from nursing to being alone (hello abanonment and fear!). I figure the panic stems from the choking episodes he’s had on the breast due to my overactive let down and his swallowing disortder (dysphagia).

For those of you like me didn’t realize that “allergies” can be to anything but food or pollen, check out this thread Stephanie emailed me from Ask Moxie. One of the commenters says:

“for some kids it isn’t THE thing, it is how much of it to create irritation – Miss M has a sensitive histamine response, diagnosed by the allergists at a Children’s Hospital, so I’m not making it up… anyway, she reacted with mucous and such to either first instances or excess consumption of ANYTHING. It was like she was allergic to the idea of ‘new’ and the idea of ‘plenty'”

So interesting!

I can tell you that I had cream in my coffee Sunday and J had a great night and his skin didn’t seem to be worse the next day (the eczema from the first round of dairy never totally cleared up.)

So that’s our little update. Hopefully the improvements continue and I’ll be a dairy eatin’ fool this time next week. I’ll keep you posted!

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kari says:

very interesting… and Jasper gets cuter with every photo!

Chantal says:

Very interesting about the milk and eczema relationship. I’m allergic to milk and had horrible eczema as a baby – I thought they were separate issues but I guess not. Crazy!

Angela says:

About the hatred of things: my first son absolutely loved to take a bath, loved the water, washing his hair and playing with suds…at 9 months old literally overnight we went from love to hate. he is now 2.5 years old and still screaming at bath time. At least now it’s only when we wash his hair and not at the mention of bath. Everyone kept saying “well something traumatic must have happened for him to act like that…did he flip in the water or something.” No, my son just hates it when other people put water on his head.

My 8.5 month old is also in the “don’t put clothes on me” stage…this one will most definitely pass quickly, I hope. It did for my first son anyway.

Mandy Rose says:

Wow…pretty interesting info. Thanks for sharing!