Reflux and Dairy Allergy Cured!

I can’t believe I am posting this.. there were so many dark hours in which I thought we’d NEVER get here, but I think I can officially say that Jasper’s GI system has made a miraculous turn around.

So I posted before we were doing the NAET treatments specifically for Dairy…

All I had hoped for was that I’d be able to at least have a little half in half in my coffee, or some blue cheese on my salad. I NEVER expected that not only would I be able to eat dairy (6 days in a row now!) without him breaking out into a eczema rash but that his reflux would all but dissapear at the same time.

Even more amazing is that his poop has been yellow and non mucusy for the first time in I don’t even remember how long! (Dear future Jasper, please forgive me for discussing your poop so much on the internet. love mom.)

I can only theorize that because the NAET Dairy treatment includes things like casein, whey but also what NAET calls “milk mix” which includes breast milk, that somehow the treatment completely changed the way his body handles food through my milk.  This despite the fact that we couldn’t properly clear him for breastmilk because doing so would have required him avoiding it for 25 hours.. we tried to give him neocate so that he could formula feed for that time period but he refused it!

Somehow,  it worked anyway.

And I know there are those of you reading this (my husband included) that will say it’s coincidence, or that he just grew out of it.

And I might even agree with you had it happened in a sequence anything other than the way it did (in fact I was ready to throw in the towell before we started treating for Dairy!)

But here’s the thing: Last week I had a tiny bit of half and half which caused an eczema rash on Jasper’s face, blood in his stool as detected by his pedi GI as well as severe gastric distress the following day.  Several NAET treatments for dairy (we had to treat it in combination with acid and also with several emotions) and about a week later I have half and half again and Jasper’s face stays pristine.  And then I notice his reflux is GONE. I even had feta cheese yesterday and still no reaction!

I suppose that he COULD have grown out of his dairy sensitivity one week from the next, but I wouldn’t have expect it to be so sudden in that case.. I would think it might be that he would break out LESS the following week, or stop spitting up so frequently. You would expect a more gradual decline if that were the case.

I’ve always said that I’m agnostic about wacky-how-could-it-possibly-work things like NAET. If they work, I’m a believer, I don’t really need to know WHY it works to believe that it does if I see it with my own eyes.

Well you can now call me a believer.  My little Jasper is GI Jasper no more!

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nanette says:

Hello. I know this is old but what is this naet ur talking about. My son has reflux. hes 5 months old. We need help. I haven’t taken dairy out yet, my hubby doesn’t want me to. But I think.I need to. Help?

Deepika says:

Hi Ariana – How old was your baby ? Was the treatment on you or on the baby ?

ariana says:

Hi Deepika, I believe he was around 5 months? The treatment was on me, holding him.

leslie says:

I just wanted to let you know that my son was just like yours as an infant … milk soy intolerant, severe reflux, not sleeping, constant crying, etc. At the age of 6 we have just discovered NAET and last week he ate icecream for the first time. He can ‘suddenly’ eat everything he wants and be ‘normal’. (He’s had 7 treatments now).I too am a skeptic … but it is not in your head. It is very weird, but even more wonderful!

Erica says:

I just found your website and am so encouraged. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, soy, oat, chicken, turkey, cherries, peas and peanuts. Since I’ve exhausted everything medical and suffered the disappointment every 6 months for 3 years at seeing no improvement in her RAST tests, I decided to try NAET. My family thinks I’ve gone off the deep end, but I’m desperate to try to improve my daughter’s nutrition. So far she’s had 6 treatments (egg/chicken mix, egg white/chicken specifically, calcium, milk mix, milk/sm intestine/organs, and now lactose/organs). I haven’t tried giving her any eggs or chicken even though she’s been cleared, but I’m holding on to hope that we’ll have good results with milk after she’s cleared for that. She breaks out in hives within minutes of ingesting even small amounts of milk, so I’m just waiting for the practitioner to say it’s ok to try again. That’s my way of deciding whether NAET works or not!

Even after 6 visits I’m still really skeptical of this treatment, so it’s wonderful to hear success stories. After all we’ve been through, I don’t believe that your son has just suddenly outgrown his allergy, particularly at such a young age. I’m thrilled to hear his success!

ariana says:

Hi Erica,
I have my fingers crossed that the treatments work for your daughter.. please keep me posted!

jbhat says:

What a RELIEF! I am so happy for all of you, but I can’t decide if I am more glad for you or for your little guy. I think it might be a tie.

Great news, really! xo!

Jules says:

Awesome. That’s how I feel about alternative treatments, too. Like my attitude you commented on? Totally has to do with some out there treatments our whole family has been having. IT WORKS. :)

kari says:

excellent excellent news!