Oliver or Knut?

As much as I love the John Golden prints, I decided to go with the Creative Thursday ones.

Partly because I already have one, this adorable owl print that until now hasn’t had a proper home:

I had feared that the actual image size is too small, and it is a bit tiny, but tiny can be cute!

So now I just have to decide on the other two prints.

I have my mind made up on the lion, so it comes down to deciding between Oliver the big polar bear:

or Knut, the baby polar bear:

Up close, I think Knut is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. But when I arrange them in a triptych, I think Oliver’s size is a bit better.. Knut kind of gets lost.

What do you think?


Or Knut?

I know both are adorable and I can’t really go wrong either way.. but these are the little decisions that my Libra brain implodes over, so your help is much appreciated!

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Caitlin says:

although they are both adorable – i do think Oliver looks best in the group of three. Knut would look great by himself – maybe in another spot in the nursery – or another room altogether

Kaz says:

Sooo… why not get both? They’re too adorable not to. The other one can hang solo somewhere else. You could switch them up later on, or keep ’em as is…

I LOVE them both :) and I love how much discussion this post has generated over the tiny polar bears ~ thank you again for sharing my art on your blog and including it in your home ~ especially in the room of your very special little baby.

Meli says:

Oliver just because of his size compared to the other cuties.
But OMG is Knut the most adorable thing ever!!!!!!!

gwen says:

I like Knut! because hes a baby and i agree with what beth said about making a “book-end with the also-small owl”

antibride says:

knut the baby bear!!!! specially if you pair them like you did in the mock up… since the owl is littleish as well, i think it makes a nice balance… otherwise oliver might look un balanced i think!

good luck!!!

Kate says:

I like Oliver better. They are both so cute, but Oliver wins.

Luisa says:

Oliver. The owl is perched high in the picture, so the size of Oliver appears consistent to your eye. Knut is cute, but too small.

Katie says:

At first I thought it was Oliver hands down. I like his size better and also the brighter green color.

BUT, in the arrangement and location that you have them, I think Knut wins. Visually he works better with the little owl and the subdued green seems to also work well with the two other pictures. My vote is cute baby Knut!

megan says:

i select oliver. i like that the backgroud introduces another color. i love green. but i agree with emily, maybe put knut in another spot by himself. such a cutie!

Kristen says:

I vote for Knut… and changing the order. Knut > Lion > Owl. I frame pictures for a living and right away it jumped out that Knut is to the left in his image, Lion is in the middle and the Owl is to the right in his image. Bookends. :)

Altho, I just explained all this to my husband — showing him your picture and he looked at me like I’m from the moon and called me a freak. So it might be an anal picture framer thing ;)

Anyway you go – they are all adorable!

Dawn says:

I would arrange the photo differently and get Knut. Maybe Knut, then Owl, then Lion? If you’re in love with the order I would have to say Oliver looks better in the composition.

Good luck my indecisive friend!

Lisa says:

You really can’t go wrong either way, but I like the bookend effect of Knut (and he’s completely adorable to boot)

Chantal says:

I like Oliver the best. I think he’s a better size. I’m not loving all the blank space in the Knut picture.

Morgan says:

I think Knut is super cute! But to totally stray from the norm, Im in love with the knut on oliver that you posted 2 posts before this one. Mamma and Baby…best of both worlds! Ahhh so freaking cute.

Stacy says:

Knut. He balances out the small owl on the left. Definitely Knut.

Corey says:

Another vote for Oliver from a fellow libra.

Nicole says:

I vote Knut! Adorable.

Im a libra as well — too many decisions.

The reason I choose knut is because I think Oliver hogs the spotlight. Its the first thing your eyes go to when looking at the wall. If you choose Knut then each picture gets equal viewing by the eyes, because they are all small and interesting.

Melanie says:

I vote for Knut! He’s too cute!! (Libra here too ;-) )

Definitely Oliver. Knut is cuter buts out of proportion.

tipperella says:

I vote Oliver! I also love Knut, but when you aren’t standing right next to it, you won’t see it that well. Plus, Oliver has a certain brightness to it that the tiny Knut doesn’t.

ariana says:

Uh oh, it’s neck and neck, maybe knut has a slight lead? What to do ;)

Ryan says:

The balance is better with the Oliver print because his height matches the height of the branch on the first print. I do like them both, and they look cute together, but I know you’re using one that you already have and I like the idea of the three different animals.

Emily says:

Oliver. Knut is adorable but he is too small. Put Knut on a smaller wall (maybe next to a doorway?) by himself.

jen says:

Oliver looks better visually, but I can’t get over how cute Knut it is! What a close call…

(sorry, this comment did not help you at ALL.)

hayley says:

i vote knut! :) love his small scale, matches the owl’s, and the placement varies the point of focus.

Artsy Fartsy says:

I vote for Knut! He is such a sweet baby and matches the scale of little owl.

They are all so cute, though, I don’t really think you could go wrong!

Amy says:

Ditto to Jill – i think visually he balances out the owl who is small and near the top of the piece, while Knut is also small and at the bottom of that piece. Both are cute.

Stephanie says:

I love them both! Do you have a teeny bit of blank wall space elsewhere in the room so you could get them both?

I’m going to vote with the “knuts.” :-)

To me, Knut looks a little more balanced, both because he is similar in size to the owl (and in the bottom half of the frame while the owl is in the upper half)and because Knut’s background color is similar in intensity to the other two backgrounds. Oliver’s background is a little darker and the combo of Oliver being bigger than everyone else and his background being darker makes him stand out more than the others.

That said (gosh – am I turning into the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz? “Of course, both ways are nice!”) I think there’s a certain balance with Oliver too – the animals go from small to medium to large at the same time the backgrounds go from light to medium to dark(ish).

But I love Knut. :-)

Jill says:

While both are adorable (and you can’t go wrong either way!), I like Knut because he is about the same size as the owl — it’s like a bookend effect. ;)

Julie says:

My vote is totally Oliver!!!

modernemama says:

If it has to be one or the other I’d go for Oliver but does it? Can’t you make 4 work? 2 and 2 in a row or a block of four. It seems a shame to separate Oliver and Knut….

Jenny says:

I was sold on Knut till I saw the side by side of them and see what you mean about size. Knut is just too cute. I think if you switch up the order. Knut, Lion, Owl…or Knut, Owl, Lion..(more of a size progression). I’m not a Libra but it took me 20 mins yesterday to decided between two different washes on the same exact purse.

Lulu says:

Definitely Knut, he’s way too cute! I think Oliver’s size scale is similar to the lion, but then it makes the owl look teeny tiny. With Knut as part of the trio, you get little owl, lion, little knut. Also, I like the heights of “high” for the owl, “medium” for the lion and “low” for the knut. Seriously, Knut is TOO CUTE! :)

Mom Quixote says:

Ha! I’m a Libra, too, so I know exactly what that back and forth is like. I’m kinda leaning toward the tiny adorable Knut myself…

ariana says:

oh yes, and trying on clothes is the worst!! I could switch back and forth between two outfits like 10 times. Jeff definitely does not understand this side of me. Thank god for him or we’d still be deciding on paint colors for the house :)

Beth says:

Knut is cute, and he kind of makes a book-end with the also-small owl. But then again… Oliver is cute. I’m not helping, am I? :) I feel your pain… I hate making little decisions! If you let me loose in a gas station to get a soda I’m apt to stand in front of the coolers for 20 minutes: Do I want a diet coke? What about a diet cherry coke? Maybe I should switch it up with diet pepsi. What about diet cherry pepsi? Then again, I never get diet dr. pepper. Maybe I should give it a try. Or I could go in a completely different direction and get iced tea.

And etc. My poor husband….