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Thank you all SO much for your feedback on the bed choice for Jasper’s room! I decided to go with the tide of popular opinion and get the full size bed in Navy, which thankfully is being discontinued and on clearance for $439. They totally get you on shipping/delivery though, charging a mandatory “in home delivery” fee of $125 AS WELL as a $50ish fee for “shipping and processing” (??) and all that is BEFORE a mattress which we have yet to purchase.

I actually called the store to see if those fees apply if you purchase in store rather than online and she told me that they could have it shipped to the store where we could pick it up (yay!) so I drove over the bridge to the Westchester Mall Pottery Barn Kids to go place my order Saturday morning. I needed some groceries too, so I figured we could kill two birds with one stone and hit the Whole foods next door afterwards.

Let me just insert two facts here:

1) Jeff is away on a business trip and

2) I am getting BIG really really fast. At only 18 weeks I’m already feeling discomfort doing things like putting on my socks, picking things up off the floor – stuff I don’t remember feeling uncomfortable doing until the 3rd trimester with Jasper.

For reference, see last weeks belly picture taken at 17 weeks:

So I’m big and flying solo and to be honest, I’m usually just thankful to have something to do to get us out of the house to pass the time when daddy is away.   But I wasn’t taking into account the fact that a trip to Pottery Barn Kids is not much different than taking your child to a toy store – i.e. last place on earth you want to go with them.

While we were walking around the store Jasper attached himself to a child sized wheelbarrow…which was super cute when he was wheeling bear around in it, but the cuteness wore off when he threw a fit when I wouldn’t purchase it for him!  I’m a huge pushover, and if it were not $69 and virtually impossible to get back to our car I probably would have given in but I couldn’t.  So as I was ordering his bed he proceeded to bring over to me at least 7 other toys that he wanted and I finally had to just buy him an $8 bath toy just to  keep him quiet!

So, imagine my annoyance when I go to ring everything up and find out that they will not ship the full size bed to the store!!!!!! Like I said, I called to ask but no one ever said twin size beds only. Grrr. So in the end I could have just shopped online and saved myself the trouble.

At least we got our groceries – and they even had a cute “make your mom bath salts” craft at Whole foods that Jasper really enjoyed. The  downside is that it’s sooo hard for me to lift  Jasper in and out of the carts now – not too mention carrying all the heavy grocery bags.  I’m torn between wanting to be really cautious about what I do physically but also wanting to do as much as I can NOW before I’m REALLY huge and useless!

While at PBK I ordered (well,back-ordered) their cute grey chevron sheets which combined with the  left over fuchsia pom poms have given me an idea for the girls’ nursery:

Something like that anyway!  We put the pom poms in the girls’ room for storage but I realized how great the color looked with the springy green walls.

I love banners and want to do one for each girl’s name. This cute burlap one is from this etsy seller:

And the frame of course is from the Organic Bloom – this is a Lucy double stack with Mint on the outside and French Vanilla on the inside.  Here’s another mock up from OB baby room wall guide:

I can see the green being the base that I can use several different pinks to accent with, and the silvery grey from the sheets will just be a nice neutral anchor element.   It’s not necessarily the color combo I would have gone with if I were starting from scratch, but the room color is pretty – or at least pretty enough that it doesn’t seem worth the effort of changing it.. what do you think?

Hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day!


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kate says:

Ariana, that’s very odd. I tried adding the bed link again and got blocked. I think your filter thinks I’m a spammer!
It’s the Blake bed from Land of nod. I think it’s adorable but also love the bed you picked. Anyway, my contribution is a bit late. They also have garlands etc on their site.

ariana says:

Tracie, that is the best tip ever!!! How did I not know that??

JB, not only that, but when I called to schedule delivery there is some part that has to come from LA, they only deliver on Thursdays and we basically won’t get it until June!!

Danielle – thanks for that link, I do love her nursery!

Kate, I’m so sorry I can’t figure out what happened to your other comment -I checked spam and everything but it’s not there! I’m wondering about pictures as well..

kate says:

I’m going to try this again, since my last comment about Jasper’s room didn’t get published ;-(
I absolutely love your choice of linens for the crib. Mad about chevron and zigag myself; hope it never goes out of style, though sadly once day it will.
Call me crazy but I think a chair rail & picture moulding or paneling on the bottom 2/3 of the wall, painted in white, with fuchsia painted on the top 1/3 would look really cute. Pink can be a bit much but I think if you painted just the top 1/3 of wall, it would complement the crib bedding nicely. I know the point was to keep the green but I vote paint! (easy for me to say).
Actually, you could create a wall shelf out of the top moulding and display knick knacks and picture frames where little fingers can’t reach.
Pictures/ mirrors hanging above the crib make me a little nervous- is that a wall decal? I’ve noticed etsy has a great selection of removable wall decals.

danielle says:

check out in this wonderful life blog….mom of twins who has an amazing nursery. she has pics and posts of it. she loves all things chevron.

jbhat says:

I vote leave it, since our daughter’s room is the same springy green. There’s pink, orange, black, white and pale blue “stuff” in her room and it all just seems to go.

Good for you for undertaking the outing. Boo on PBK though, for not shipping that gorgeous bed to you.


PS you look magnificent!!

Camila says:

Love the green. IF, only IF you had to change it, Id go with a light yellow tone and play around with the green and pink. :)

Tracie says:

ps – regular grocery/target carts, that shove together all in a row…. push that front part up and kids can crawl into the bin without you lifting them. ;-) Found THAT out pregnant with twins myself. The “bag boy” showed me that trick, lol.