Buy Buy Baby and Coupons

But first, I wanted to share these wall letters that reader Chantal did for her daughter’s room:

So cute aren’t they? Chantal took the patterns off the JJ cole crib bedding. What an amazing job!

Buy Buy Baby..

You may not have a Buy Buy Baby (BBB) in your area, but if you do you really should check it out in person. Their website doesn’t even begin to do the store justice.

You know how when you are at BRU its impossible to find anyone to help you? And if you do, they don’t know anything more about the products than you do? BBB is the opposite. The salespeople are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  Every time we’ve been there they’ve spend tons of time showing us the different strollers and their features, all without any pressure to buy.

Now I find out there’s an even better reason to shop at BBB.. they accept the 20% off coupons from their parent company the other BBB (Bed Bath & Beyond!)

This means that I (or my parents as they are buying our stroller for us, yay!) will save $130, that’s no chump change.

There are a few restrictions on the coupons, first, they must be current and not expired.

Second, there are some things you can not use them for, like furniture. Also, a couple brands like bugaboo, Graco, medela etc.

Call your local store to be sure before you go. The weird thing is, I just received a 20% off Buy Buy Baby coupon in the mail and the restrictions on their own coupons are different than the restrictions on the Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons.

So for example, their coupon excludes Uppababy which makes my stroller. But when I called to ask, they told me that Uppababy is NOT excluded from the bed bath and beyond coupon!

And the opposite is true too, so while the bed bath coupon excludes Graco and Medela, Buy Buy baby’s coupon does not. It seems like if you have both coupons, you’ll be able to save 20% using one or the other. The only exception is on Bugaboo which is excluded from both (figures.)

I just wanted to share this information because 20% is twice as much as most registry completion discounts and it’s worth investigating if you have a BBB in a town near you!

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Audra says:

I have to say that as of February 2010 when I did my registry at BBB I was in love. The one here in Miami is SO much better than BRU. The staff at BRU could care less (in general) whereas the staff at BBB are totally helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They even offer you bottled water on the way in and out of the store. The stores are new, clean and with a MUCH better selection than BRU – especially for the people who shop organic like moi.

And, they are still taking Bed Bath Beyond and competitor coupons as of April 2010. It’s great! It’s true, the website just does not do it justice. I have shopped at the Miami (Flagler) and Coral Springs stores. They are both wonderful.

Jan says:

does anyone have a spare 20% Buy Buy Bady coupon?
please get in touch with me at


Farnaz says:

How can you get Buy Buy Baby coupons?

Jackie says:

My husband and I recently found out that we we are pregnant =D. We went to our local BBBaby to check out a few car seats and strollers. While we love the vast selection of products, none of the employees offered to help us. We returned a few days later with my mom, suddenly everyone seemed to want to help us. I don’t understand what the difference was?

Danielle says:

Thanks for this info.!!!!! I also found out that BBB will accept competitor’s coupons like from BRU! So, shop away ladies! Enjoy!!!!

Amanda says:

I just used a Bed Bath & Beyond “20% Off Entire Purchase” coupon at Buy Buy Baby in Columbus, Ohio and they did give me 20% off an entire baby furniture set (Baby Appleseed Davenport Collection), saving me almost $400. They advised me that as long as Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are not expired, it only excludes the brands listed on the exclusion list on the coupon, and the exclusions don’t say anything about furniture on any of my coupons, but they might exclude furniture on other coupons printed earlier. Happy shopping and thanks for the tip!!:)

Allison says:

I have a buy buy baby coupon but the fine print does not say excludes funiture. It is set in stone that they wont take it ?

ariana says:

Hi Allison,
Not set in stone. I usually call and the store fills me in on their policy!

Lana says:

I was wondering if you can use a Buy Buy Baby 20% coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond? Does anyone know?

m_ny says:

curious – everyone seems to have buybuybaby coupons that expire 05/11/09. I was wondering if buybuybaby has come out with any new coupons that have a later expiration date?

Laila says:

I’m in desperate need of buy buy baby coupon. does anyone have a spare buy buy baby coupon that i can use?

ariana says:

Hi Mike,
The one I just received in the mail does not say it excludes furniture! I think they change their fine print often. I was confused about their policies and when I called the store to ask if I could use whatever coupon for whatever product they were very helpful.. and even more importantly they didn’t change their tune when I got to the store. If you have a specific crib in mind, just call the store and ask if you can use their 20% off coupon to buy the crib and they’ll let you know. One of the best things about BBB is their customer service! ;)

m_ny says:

hi – just wondering; on the Buy Buy Baby coupons, they don;t seem to exclude furniture. anyone use a Buy Buy Baby coupon as opposed to a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon for furniture? Looking at the Lollipop crib from AP Industries

Autumn says:

My local BuyBuyBaby in Northern Virginia – won’t use the BBBeyond coupons on ANY clothing. The coupons are great, but the store seems to be quickly exlcuding items. Great deals are still to be had on the lesser known (but still good) brands and items like Mobiles, DIY-food-prep items. Also – the BBBaby is next door to a Trader Joe’s – so its always worth the trip!

Thanks so much for this information! I’m posting it on my website and sending people here for the details!

ariana says:

You’re welcome Sherrie!

Auntie S. says:

I cannot beleive this! I am a sister-in-law who wants to spoil my future niece by purchasing things off the registry. Just called the local Buy Buy Baby & they said YES, so long as its not expired!! They also told me to read the print on the bottom of the coupons. I’m going shopping! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Inga says:

I so totally agree about Buy Buy Baby – I just had my first shopping experience there and I have to say – what a treat! Every single person working in the store asks you if you need help with anything and if you do – they actually know what they are talking about. And if they don’t (it’s not their department), they will find someone who knows. They will also match their price if a competitor offers the same item at a lower price – so, make sure you know your prices before you go, because some of Buy Buy Baby prices are indeed higher than, for example, BabiesRUs.
Good luck to everyone! ;o)

Suzanne says:

I went to my local BBB yesterday with a few bed, bath and beyond coupons – they told me Graco,Medela, Mustela, clothes, furniture and pampers are excluded. She said basically you can only use them on toys and a few misc. items. UppaBaby is excluded as well.

Kyla says:

it is a great deal.. but take advantage of it now. They’re only taking Bed Bath coupons because Bed bath just started offering buybuybaby’s items on their website. Sometime in the future Bed bath is supposed to include the exclusions buybuybaby has on their coupon to the bottom of their’s as well.

Alicia says:

Wow – this is the most helpful piece of information I have learned all week! Too bad I didn’t know this 18 months ago, when I bought up half the store!! Thanks for sharing :)

Chantal says:

Aw, thanks for posting the letters! *blush*

I’m in Canada so no Buy Buy Baby for me. Too bad, this sounds like an awesome deal. I’m so sad, I’m really starting to hate Babies R Us.