Infertility Postage Stamp

Dyan from Magic Cabin was kind enough to send me a link to this blog post about the world’s first infertility stamp.

The image literally took my breath away:

The use of negative space is the perfect metaphor for the pain of infertility… the missing of something that isn’t there.

The stamp is issued by Portugal. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the US followed suit?

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Jill says:

This stamp made me cry. It’s a perfect image!

Thanks for sharing it!

Io says:

Wow. That is an amazing image.

Tony Servies says:

Thank you for linking my blog entry on this beautiful stamp. As a parent who dealt with infertility for a number of years (daughter Emma is 12-years-old and a product of IVF), it was a very touching stamp.

Best wishes, and thanks!
Tony S.
Stamps of Distinction blog