New Use for Old Highchair

My mom’s friend Linda gave us this old highchair to keep at my parents’ house. We never loved it as a highchair – Jasper would keep sliding out of it until rather recently due to the awkward 90 degree angle of the seat. ( It is also HUGE and looks like it’s made from an airline seat circa 1960!) But recently, we discovered it’s true value – as an art table!

The giant tray with it’s upturned lip is perfect for keeping pencils and crayons from rolling off and the best part is that if he draws off of the paper it’s no big deal – unlike when he used to color on the coffee table and I used to have to spread extra paper underneath to protect it.

Just an idea if you happen to have an extra from a friend or a relative, or if you come across a really cheap one at a garage sale.  Or as a use for your baby’s own high chair if he/she has graduated to being pulled up to the table in a booster seat.

Also, I have to put in a good word for colored pencils as an alternative to crayons – no chance of melting or getting crushed on the floor or carpet :)

Hope you all had a great weekend – snowpocalypse or not!

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Lourdes says:

I love everything about this. Jasper the artist, Jasper teddy-bear papa. And of course the shot itself is dreamy. When I grow up I want to own a full frame camera and learn to photograph just like you ;)

anne marie says:

OMGOSH ariana.. when did jasper turn into a big kid? i agree with dee. the pictures before this one he looks like a small baby still and this one he looks like he’s about to head off for college.. lol. so flipping cute.

Dee says:

I have to say that Jasper looks so grown up in this pic, specially when you look at his eyes :) It feels like I just saw his pic as a baby and now hes all grown up!
This is such a neat idea, I love reading your blog.
Thanks for posting.

ariana says:

Jbhat – I never actually resolved to get rid of the Paci- YET! That was a mommy SOS from someone else.. I’m totally procrastinating on that battle, possibly until the age where I can try some of the ideas given about getting him to understand that he is getting a toy in exchange for his Pacis or something similar :)

Samm Ivri says:

Ahh…colored pencils! Great idea also because there’s no chance of eating a piece (which Mia did when she was younger)!

kari says:

Great idea once again!!

Ava says:

That really is a cool idea! I don’t have a spear chair, but I can see putting G in his to draw.

BTW — still loving the holy trinity of Jasper, Paci & Bear :)

That is an awesome idea! We received an ugly, workhorse of a highchair from family when our son was born that hasn’t really gotten much use but I am for sure going to bring it out!

Thanks Again!

jbhat says:

I love it. But I’m going to ask this: how come he has his pacifier in?