Sanity Saver: Plexiglass!

Our solution to toddler vs. TV has evolved in stages, I wanted to share our small victory with you all in case you are fighting a similar battle!

First we bought a little premade plexiglass strip like this one that is meant to go over a part of the cable box to keep baby from pressing the buttons. That worked ok for the cable box, but then Jasper got obsessed with pressing the eject button on the DVD player.

So, onto the next solution:  A piece of plexiglass cut to the dimensions of our TV stand (you can get sheets of plexi at lowes or home depot) that protected the entire contents of the shelf below the TV:


This was effective at protecting the components on the shelf, but Jasper soon diverted his attention to the buttons on the TV itself, turning the TV on and off at will, shaking his head and yelling “no, no, no” as he did so (repeating our constant but ineffective choruses of no!)

On to the final and effective solution:

Strip meant to cover VCR moved up to the TV itself!


He still occasionally wanders over and tries to pull the plexi away from the TV, but overall this has cut the fun factor down to where he rarely bothers and we can finally watch TV again in peace!

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Jill says:

Ha! This looks like our family room! Luckily our tv has buttons on the side (Ava hasn’t found those yet), but our entertainment center now has a sheet of plexiglass over it with a rectangle cut out for the dvd player to open.

kari says:

smart cookie!

Michelle says:

What a great solution!!

ariana says:

GG, this post makes it seem like I watch a lot of TV, I don’t (like you said, no time!) but it has been raining here almost every weekend, and sometimes I like to watch the news/weather etc in the morning.

G.G. says:

I can’t believe it. I’m blown away. Not by any of this plexiglass stuff – but by the fact that you watch tv! How do find the time????

ariana says:

I’ll be looking for that post Shane!

Shane says:

Brilliant! Ava gave me a blog assignment to post about our baby proofing exploits. Our solution is working well, but it was a pain to execute. It involved some Ikea Hacking.

Ava says:

We don’t need it for the TV (yet), but we do use the plexiglass to block off other areas in our living room (like cables/extension cords/surround speakers) that can’t quite be fenced in.

Kimberly says:

OMG, you’re brilliant! I’ve been trying to find something to effectively cover our digital stuff but have struck out on every front! James is SUCH a button pusher!!! I will be trying this out… perfect, perfect, perfect!!!