Making black fabric backrounds REALLY black in Photoshop

This is a technique that I use with all of my baby or baby and parents on black. Even though the SOOC looks like this:

It’s just a few quick steps to get that clean pure black look:





Let me know if you have any questions!

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Katie Cole says:


I’m going through all your blogs, and I’m loving them!
In this shoot o shoots like this, are you using natural light?



ariana says:

Torey- yes.

Sascha- I use the “Photo black” backdrop from Denny’s. It’s great – though I just found out that it’s dryclean only, so not really a great choice for newborn photos.. I had the twins I just shot pee all over it, it will be expensive to dry clean b/c it’s so huge!!

Patti M – the action I use is free and it’s called AMP simply B&W. If you google it you should find it!

Patti M says:

Hi Ariana, I have a question. I am new to your site, so I don’t know if you have already talk about this but I am curious as to know whats in you B&W action..


Torey says:

Hi there, I have Photoshop CS5. Can this be done with the software that I have? Or otherwise….how do i get software to do this?? :)

what is the black backdrop you use? I couldn’t quite get it when you mentioned it in the tutorial. It looks beautiful.


Karen H says:

Very nice! Thank you. I love your tutorials :)

Ilona says:

Ariana, this is soooo good like always. Thank you so much for sharing. BTW your boy is getting more and more handsome. He will be a heartbreaker…

Cathy says:

Thank you for this! I love the final look. Going to have to get the newest copy of Photoshop and utilize the portraiture filter!

ariana says:

Cathy, portraiture doesn’t come with photoshop, it’s a plugin that you can purchase from imagenomic . Just wanted to make sure you didn’t upgrade for that reason :)

Connie says:

Thanks for the tutorial! Very helpful!

Monika says:

Great tutorial Ariana!