Photoshop Tutorial : Removing Color Casts in Two Seconds Flat!

I just finished editing a family session where the little girl was wearing a NEON green shirt in some of the images. Neon green shirt = neon green color casts on her face!

Here is the before:

Before removing color cast (see under her chin!)

And now the after:

After removing the green color cast

The great thing about my technique to do this is that it is QUICK and you don’t have to be very precise. I’m sure there are many other ways to do it, but this works great for me, which is why I’m sharing it with you!

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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Holly says:

Thanks so much! This was easy and worked like a charm.

Mauricio Chandia says:

Thank you for this! Great! Wonderful!

Kim says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was trying to figure out how to remove a yellowy-green colorcast on skin and this tutorial is amazing! It’s so simple but the results are fantastic! Thanks you!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I linked your tutorial on my blog!

Lori says:

That was fantastic!!! The quickest, easiest fix
I’ve ever run across!!!
Thank you soooooo much for sharing!!!!

ashley says:

i’m pretty sure you are a genius…for real!! i worked on one picture for over an HOUR today and couldn’t get this. i don’t know why your tutorial isn’t the very first google result but the results i found were no where NEAR as good!! i heart you forever!

Stacey says:

Oh my gosh! you saved my picture! Thank you so much for a quick & easy tutorial!

Kersten says:

WOWZA! So helpful! tx!!!!

Great tutorial, thank you!

Sarah says:

Wow!!! That was so helpful and easy. Thank you for sharing!!

Jess says:

Thanks so much for sharing this, what an absolutely FANTASTIC trick!

That was really helpful. I have tried something similar but haven’t ” colour” blending layer before. Very natural. thanks so much for sharing.

Alicia says:

Thanks!!! I will try that tonight! Uggg, I’ve been messing around in Capture NX2 too much – trying to do all editing there without having to use Photoshop – its really a great raw editor once you overcome the interface.

Anywho, I found this old tut on ILP and how cool is it that Andrea Joki uses the same exact method you described??!!

ariana says:

Thanks Alicia!

My method for fixing blow spots is to create a channel adjustment layer and go to the red channel and bring down the red slider from 100 to about 97. Then invert the layer mask to black and change the blending mode to “luminosity”. Then I paint on with a VERY low opacity very soft brush. You have to be light handed or it can look weird :)

Alicia says:

I’m copying your written tut here for anyone who, like me, either doesn’t have speakers, or just isn’t a video-learner (I like the written word better myself and I SO thank you for taking the time to write it our for me!!!)

Create a blank layer on top of the bckground image. Select brush tool at 50% opacity. double click foreground color and use color picker to pick a color on the face near the color cast but not IN the color cast. Now paint over color cast with that color. Don’t worry if it looks bad at this point.

Go to layers palette and change the painted on layer blending mode from “normal” to “color”. Reduce opacity if desired.

I tried it finally last night and it works beautifully! I wonder if there is a similar way to fix hot spots on skin??? Changing the blending mode to color would make the hot spots worse. Anyone know of a similar trick to correct hot spots? :-)

Sarah says:

Wow, thanks Ariana. Another technique to add to my arsenal.

ariana says:

Damien, as usual you are right on! I guess I was going for the dramatic reveal over functionality, but of course it makes so much more sense to change the layer mode first! Everyone listen to Damien, he knows exactly what he’s talking about! :)

Damien says:

Good tute. I always change the blend mode of the layer to Color before I start painting, though. That way, I can see the effect of the fix immediately.

Brush opacity is always a trade-off of time versus delicacy. I prefer to use a lower opacity brush – maybe 10 or 20 percent. It takes a bit longer to “build up” the colour, but it allows very precise adjustment. Of course, if you’re in a hurry, the higher opacity is better.

The great thing about this method is that you can do all your cast correction on one layer! It’s very easy to make the layer, convert it to Color mode, name it “cast correction”, then paint on various parts of the photo with whatever colour is necessary.

ariana says:

Hey guys, so glad you all found this useful! It almost seems to easy to be true right? Told ya! ;)

Oh my goodness, this is the best way to remove color casts! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible tip! I have never seen it done this way, but I will be using this from now on!

Lisa says:

Awesome- thank you so much!!! This is so much easier than what I have been doing!

Crystal says:

This is awesome! Thank you so much!

GiGi says:

THANKS!!! I’ve been using PS in one form or another for about 8-9 years and I have never used it in this way! (I will NOW though!)

judy says:

thank you for this simple yet helpful tutorial. I know i’ll definitely be using this technique.

Michelle T. says:

Thanks for another great tutorial!

ariana says:

1 )Fiona, no, definitely not – you can do this with any file format!
2)I don’t have a book, that would be too easy LOL. This one i just kind of discovered by playing around!
3)No, off to check now, will post there!

Fiona says:


Two questions…

1. Do you need to shoot in RAW to be able to do this?
2. How do you know how to do these things? Do you just try them out or do you have a book…..? I’d love to know.

Also did you see me comment on your carnival post about the albums?


Fiona x

Jessie says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Me and another woman were discussing this problem in a Clickinmoms thread, we both wanted to know how to remove color casts…noone responded so I’ll send this to her. Thanks again for sharing!