Diary of a Ditzy Wannabee Photographer

Or “What NOT to do when trying to build your portfolio and hope to eventually start a photography business.”

Poor Maria.  She has been a faithful reader of the blog for a while now and since her parents live not too far from here she contacted me asking if I would consider taking pictures of her and her son Jonah.  I jumped at the chance because even though I LOVE taking Jasper’s picture, I obviously can’t have a portfolio of ONLY Jasper!  Plus I love meeting other mommies and also blog readers – which this was actually my first time doing.. meeting blog readers I mean, not new mommies!

So the day that we agreed to meet for photos ended up being the day after I came down with mastitis and I had to cancel on her. And she had already made the drive from home to her parents’ house. (The difficultly of driving an hour with a toddler is soooo not lost on me!)

We rescheduled for yesterday and things were looking GREAT! The weather was fabulous, I discovered a new park that is an incredible spot for photos, Jeff is off from work and agrees to watch Jasper while we shoot – everything is running smoothly.  So I grab my camera out of my bag, turn it on and “NO CARD” flashes across the LCD screen. AHHHHHHH $*&*&$%$*!!!

The bizarre thing is that  I actually LOOKED in the camera’s card slot that morning before leaving the house. I don’t know how it happened but suffice it to say I was MORTIFIED!

Maria was, of course, totally gracious about the whole thing telling me we could just reschedule again.. but I was insistant, there HAD to be somewhere I could buy a card in town right? Wrong. I actually flagged down some locals and asked them if they knew of somewhere and they said maybe the little independent pharmacy on mainstreet would have one.. so I hightail it over there and lo and behold they do! But I forgot my wallet at the park.

So I go back to the park and back again to the pharmacy.. and then I realize the card looks awfully big.. DOH! It’s a compact flash card, not an SD card and they don’t have any.

At this point it’s getting late, the light is fading and the kids are getting cranky – Maria still has to drive 40 minutes back to her parents to get Jonah in bed but I’m still unwilling to admit defeat.

And then Jeff , who was at the park watching Jasper, stepped in and offered to go to the local behemoth mall an exit or two away and get a card for me. He totally saved the day.. thank you Jeff!!

The good thing to come out of it is that Maria and I got to hang out and just talk with our babes who are only 2 weeks apart! Jonah is going to be one on the ninth, I hope mommy likes his one year photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.. when you see them you’ll realize why I HAD to get some pictures – these two were straight out of central casting for gorgeous mother and son.

I had a hard time picking just a few to put in this post, but you can see the whole set here on Flickr (where I will be adding more as they get edited).

All images shot with my Canon digital rebel xsi and Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens at these settings:
ISO 200
varying shutter speeds depending on lighting conditions.

Thank you Maria, for putting up with my flakiness and being so beautiful and so much fun. I hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

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Dee B says:

Love the pics, grt job! I live in Westchester county and wud love if you could take few potrait pics of my lil one. I mean I will pay for your time and service, seriously…Pls do let me know.
Thanks again for the wonderful posts!

While the pictures of the baby are fantastic, Maria is gorgeous, and you totally captured her beauty! VERY nice work, Ariana!

jbhat says:

She’s so lucky! Even with the flakiness factor. Maria and Jonah are both beautiful, and your pictures are too.

Katie says:

Oh my goodness. These are just great. Seriously…it’s time to start calling yourself a photog.

Heather says:

They’re wonderful! I’m glad it all worked out!

ariana says:

Kimberly, sounds like a great plan!

Maria, glad you like them.. I keep adding more to flickr so keep checking :)

Pink, it’s actually not Jasper LOL, but now that you mention it I do see a resemblance!

Pink says:

Jasper is TOO CUTE!!

Maria Naccarato says:

Hahaha, reading this gave me a great laugh. I’m so thrilled with how they came out. You’re quick, too! I wasn’t expecting these to be posted so soon. Many, many, many thanks for the beautiful photos and your time! -M

kari says:

NOT FAIR…. gorgeous mommy, gorgeous baby – i think all the other “stuff” just happened to make this one a challenge for you!
all kidding aside – these are truly beautiful. She must be THRILLED!

Gina says:

Really, really beautiful and wonderful lighting. Great job!!

Kimberly says:

Well… maybe you and I need to challenge each other to get shooting with that 85 in the NEAR future and share our images! :)

Alicia says:

wow – unbelievable – I bet she’s *thrilled* you stuck it out! The 1st and 4th pics are GORGEOUS. That Jonah – what an absolute cutie!!!!

ariana says:

Funny you should ask about the 85 – I REALLY wanted and planned on using it some, but things were just so hectic (by the time we started shooting Jonah was not that interested in being held by mommy or looking at me at all!) that I didn’t feel like I could lose a shot by having to zoom with my feet. I hear you on not taking pictures, these were the first I’ve taken in so long!

And yes, the light was amazing.. though challenging to post process because I usually check the cmyk values, but with the extra red/pink of the sun set I’m a little lost as to how to get the skintones correct :) But anyway, I joked with Maria while we were waiting for Jeff that I planned it just so we’d have the sunset light! (If only ;)

Kimberly says:

Wow, you certainly had some beautiful light to work with, too! These are great… the first one is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The colors in the background, his eyes, just a really beautiful portrait. Nice work!

Are you using that 85 much yet? I’ve had my FIL’s in my possession for more than a week now and haven’t even put it on the camera. :( Though, I haven’t been shooting much of anything at all this past week or two…