New Year New Lightscoop Giveaway!


What better way to ring in the new year than with a fabulous giveaway!

You are probably wondering what in the world is  a Lightscoop? I had no idea either until every other post on the bump photography message boards was about the lightscoop and I just had to investigate..

Turns out that the lightscoop is an ingenious little doodad that fits in your DSLR’s hotshoe (where an external flash would go) and acts like a built in reflector to bounce the light of the DSLRs pop up flash and *gasp* make it actually USABLE!

By usable I mean not like a terrible snapshot and pretty damn close to the results of an external flash unit, and all this for under $35!

I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but then I started seeing other people’s lightscoop images – Kimberly has some great ones if you want to check them out – and was pretty impressed.  But of course I needed to try for myself.. and after just a few minutes using it I was sold.

This is definitely something I would recommend if you want to instantly improve the quality of your flash photos but don’t want to shell out the money for a speedlite yet.

Here are my test shots, I had to use my cousins 10D because the mark II doesn’t have a pop up flash..

Without any flash:


With the pop up flash and NO lightscoop


WITH the lightscoop:


Pretty big difference no?

Sorry the shots aren’t better – these were taken quickly during the Christmas Eve craziness in the few minutes I had with my cousin’s DSLR. (For more image examples check out the Lightscoop website, or better yet, the  Lightscoop flickr pool.)

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment telling me your new year’s resolution.. I promise I won’t hold it against you if you give up three days from now.. or even have given up already ;)

If you just can’t wait to see if you win to get your hands on one, you can order one now from the  Lightscoop website ($34.95)  or from Adorama via Amazon ($24.95)

Entries will be accepted until midnight January 21st (two weeks from today) and the winner will be chosen via and announced on Friday January 22nd.

Happy shooting!

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vanessa says:

My resolution is to not spend hours on a certain someone’s website! I just found your blog and I’m hooked!

Jennilynn says:

My resolution is to get my own business up and running!!

trina says:

my resolution is to be more compassionate. we’ll see how it goes!

Brittany says:

Just found your blog on the photog board on the nest and I love it!

My resolution is to try to keep my house more “in order” and to put more time intolearning more about my hobbies, particularly photography and vinyl lettering

Sara says:

Great site! And great giveaway! My resolution is to not procrastinate as much. So far, so good.

Someone put a link to your website today on CM, and I’m eating it up! Thanks for all the info!

My resolution is to stay organized! I think I have found a medium that will work. I just have to stick to it!

Ann Murray Haag says:

resolution: take better pictures–thanks for all the tips!

Anh says:

I can never seem to get nice pictures in low-light situations. I have a lot to learn, I guess. But this lightscoop looks amazing. I can’t tell you how much knowledge I’ve gained from your posts and reader’s comments. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opening up discussions about some very important topics!

My resolution is to take more pictures. And with all of my new photos, to make a digital scrapbook like the one your cousin Alicia made.

AngelaH says:

My resolution is to finish my daughter’s scrapbook, start my son’s and learn how to take great pictures wiht my new DSLR.

Beth says:

My resolution is to do Project 365 and not miss a day.

Molly says:

Ugh…I get so darn frustrated with the pop-up flash!! I would love to win this.

My resolution is to make each day happier :)

Lisa E says:

My resolutions are to work on worrying less, learn more about photography and become better at it, and to visit my extended family more.

Linda says:

My resolutions are to become more organized, dress up more often with makeup, and be nicer to my in-laws.

Gillian says:

Well let’s see….resolutions:
be healthier in my lifestyle (eating and getting back to exercising)
start a blog :) i read them enough
and do the new york city 5 borough bike tour
and of course take more pictures (just thinking i could start my blog around this idea).
thanks for answering the standard or warming question cause I was curious too.

Rachel says:

My resolution is to bug my husband less about taking a little break from everything and just being a guy more often. He works so hard and needs a break every so often.

Jaime P says:

My resolution is to take 10 minutes of “me time” every day.

Lauren says:

My resolution is to do the 365 photo challenge. I am new to dslr, and want to become a better photographer and take super cute pictures of my lo. The lightscoop would be awesome to help my resolution!!

Erin says:

Oh I have so many resolutions! One is to improve my photography so this giveaway would help! I’d also like to learn how to sew, run a 5k, and be better at appreciating what I have instead of dwelling on what I don’t!

Laurie says:

Not so much a resolution, but somewhat of a determination — to simplify! We are having our first baby this April, and I want to take the time to stop and … well, smell those darn roses!

Kate says:

My resolution is to take more quality photos. Not just snapshots. And to print out my photos more.

Lori Dale says:

My resolution is to live every day to the fullest and remember every moment with my family.

Jill says:

Awesome giveaway! My resolution is to get rid of unnecessary things and ORGANIZE. Also, to try and spend one on one time with each one of my three kids every day.

Nikki says:

My resolutions: Drink more water, eat more fruits & veggies, and take more pictures of everyday stuff (not just 100 pictures of “special days”).

nanette says:

I’d like to complete the Couch to 5K running program, and perhaps do a 5K before the end of the year. Did Day 2 today. Paaaiiiiin.

Kathleen says:

I’ve seen lightscoops but never realized what a difference they made. And not too expensive either. I’d love one for my DSLR.

My resolution is to start up an Etsy shop this year, selling hand knitted and felted things I make. And also to continue my evening yoga routine with my husband.

Thanks for the info on the lightscoop!

Krista says:

Thanks, this is a great giveaway!

My resolution is to not make a “resolution” per se, but to try to enjoy life more. Stop stressing about every little thing and just ENJOY and savor life’s gifts; my daughter, husband, family and friends :)

Meghan says:

What a great item–my photos need all the help they can get! :) My resolutions: to finally run that half marathon I’ve been talking about for 2 years, to start earning an income (from home, preferably :)

Erin says:

I would love one of these.

I have a question though, are you using the standard lightscoop in these pictures or the warming one?

I don’t like to make resolutions because I always fail at them, so this year I’m calling them goals. LOL It just makes me feel better.

One of my “goals” is to start putting myself at the top of my priority list. I know, easier said than done. But I am certainly trying.

ariana says:

Erin, I used the standard not the warming one!

Maria says:

What an amazing product! my resolution is to indulge in the little things that make me happy. No more feeling guilty over drinking starbucks or sleeping in! :)

Stephanie C. says:

Stop drinking soda and get more organized!

Emily says:

Resolution: to get my abs back into shape. My baby is 7 months old so there’s no excuse anymore. If I just hold in my stomach instead of reverting to the lazy pregnancy stomach…I’m halfway there :)

Jenny says:

My resolution is to get organized – hard to do with a 4 month old, 2 dogs, and a husband!

pamela says:

wow, this looks so great! such an improvement to regular photos. one of my many goals this year: take a walk, outside, baby and dog in tow everyday no matter how cold and freezing michigan will be.

Nicolasa says:

Oh neat! I totally want that!

One of my New Years Resolutions is to wash my face every night. I am so bad at going to bed with my make up on!

Would LOVE this! That is an awesome difference in lighting!

Samm Ivri says:

Am I late on this one? O well.
My resolution is to be less of a stresscase and enjoy the minute-by-minute.
Happy New Year!

Claudia says:

Resolutions: declutter my house, do some more scrapbooking, lose those last 15 pounds.