Take a Look on the Bright Side..

No really, literally look at the bright side project today.. it’s featuring a giveaway from Charmed & Dangerous (my little site with my mom) today!


Know what else is cool? The prop room of Brother’s and Sister’s just ordered two of the Eiffel tower necklaces. So now instead of paying attention to the plot this fall I’ll be obsessively scouring every female character’s neck!

And this after the velveteen rabbit gift set Jeff and I designed together was featured last season. I knew I loved that show for a reason ;)

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jbhat says:

That’s tres cool. Good for you!

Jenna says:

Love these, especially the leaf! Maybe seeing them on the In-Style seasonal “must have” page is right around the corner!

ariana says:

Thanks all, Amanda, I doubt it will bring any customers because people will have no idea where it came from, oh well!

Kari, I didn’t know that – filing away for future reference..

Lou, you are much too kind as usual :)

What a superstar you are! I love that show.

kari says:

a girl after my own heart… if you haven’t noticed – i am a “paris” AND “bird” junkie! you have both.

congrats on the pr! very cool!!

AmandaG says:

Congrats on having your necklaces picked up by the show!!! Hopefully it brings lots of customers to your site!