Happy First Birthday Jasper!

Dearest Jasper,

I don’t know how I’ll finish writing this message through the tears in my eyes thinking about how much joy you’ve brought to everyone around you in such a short time. It’s only been one year and yet I can’t imagine a life before Jasper! What did we do with our time? Where did we keep the fierce love in our hearts that is reserved only for you? You have challenged, brightened, deepened, widened and blessed us in ways we never could have imagined before you arrived.

Almost exactly one year ago as I write this I was being told that your heart rate was dropping between every contraction. Listening to the beep – beep —beep—-beep of that heart monitor as it slowed down to what seemed like YEARS between each beep, I couldn’t know that the overwhelming love and protection I felt for you at that moment was just the beginning. I have never known such relief and happiness as when you finally entered the world – beautiful and such a character right from the start. When they insisted that you needed formula to flush out the biliruben in your system from being coombs positive (nothing with you was ever easy!) you refused to eat it like a good little boy – you were a stubborn and independent little soul even then.

I suppose I thought that your birth was the hard part – little did I know the challenges yet to come!  The overactive letdown, tongue-tie, reflux, screaming (oh, the screaming!) the only baby in the world who refuses to sleep in the car (favoring crying of course).

But then, when the many physical discomforts you suffered began to ease, your true personality began to shine through… and what a huge personality it is! The curious, intelligent, sweet, funny, daredevil of a little boy with a completely irresistible charm. That is how I think of you now. You are my love, my life, my sweet baby boy and I couldn’t be prouder to be your mother.

I love you now and forever,
Your Mama.

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ceci mendieta says:

oh ok thank you :)

ceci mendieta says:

I loved your video for Jasper…totally made me cry…my little boy is turning one next month and i was really inspired by you to do this for him…what program did you use?

ariana says:

Hi Ceci,
I used windows movie maker! :)

Catherine B. says:

I am going to have to steal your first song for Nathan’s video! It is too perfect! Now the hard part… editing!! I am already over 10 minutes and I still have two more months to capture!

ariana says:

Thanks Judy, I use windows movie maker!

Judy N says:

This was really so touching and sweet. You really have a talent for making these little slideshows. What program are you using to make this?

Eva says:

Happy birthday Jasper! I have so enjoyed following along with your first year and I am looking forward to so much more in the years to come!

Congratulations Ariana for making it through your first year as a mom! I think this is certainly a celebration of motherhood as well!

Claudia says:

Happy Belated birthday Jasper! That slideshow with pictures and movies was fabulous! Wish I had the time and the talent.

Sarah says:

Lovely, lovely images, videos, and music. It’s remarkable to see Jasper progress from a teeny weeny one to the little boy he is today, walking around on his own two feet!

Sarah says:

Happy Birthday little monkey! Glad you had a good birthday party. Many, many more happy birthdays for years ahead!

Heather says:

Happy Birthday Jasper! Such a wonderful letter to him!
Hope you’re having a great day, and that you’re feeling better!

CMC says:

That is FIERCE! You’re not gonna get me, Ari. I’m NOT gonna cry!

Oh shite – there I went…

Jill says:

Happy Birthday, Jasper!

This made me cry. This line in particular is so incredibly true: “Where did we keep the fierce love in our hearts that is reserved only for you?” I’ve often wondered this myself. I thought that I was passionate about things before my Ava arrived, but nothing rivals the fierce (perfect word) love and protective instinct of a mother. Enjoy every second with your beautiful little boy.

Diana says:

Good thing i can close my office door and noone can see me crying.. so sweet…
Happy Birhtday Jasper..
oh and who sings those songs??? hahahaha love them!

Ava says:

Aw! That made ME tear up — I can’t imagine the tear buckets you probably had to get through.
Congrats on year 1! It sure came up fast, huh?

Kimberly says:

Oh, thank goodness I had tissues at arm’s reach as I saw this post!!! What a year! Happy, happy first birthday to Jasper and to you, too, Ariana and Jeff. You’ve overcome a lot this year and your sweet beautiful boy is such a precious gift!

Shane says:

Beautiful collection of images. I hope our kids appreciate these things when they get older. In many ways I could cut and paste much of this post and put it on our blog (especially the heart rate dropping — that line brought back vivid memories of watching the monitor in the darkness of the hospital room balanced w/ the tearful joy of seeing G for the first time). I think I’ll go back and read my birth story post again in prep for G’s 1 yr bday.

Congrats to making it a year and thanks for sharing the experience w/ us.

blue skies,

Keri says:

Happy Birthday, Jasper!!! I can’t believe Jasper is one– time just flies!! What a sweet letter, too. I teared up reading it:-).