First Smiles!

So it’s not ALL bad over here at the Dark Lord’s Lair..we occasionally get some rays of sunshine, like when jasper smiles – and we can actually capture it on video!

We also had a fairly decent day yesterday – Jasper seemed more comfortable than usual, maybe it’s the wellements gripe water I started giving him? He seemed his gas was passing more freely yesterday without so much crying and grunting and groaning from him. It could also be that I’ve been giving him the full max dose of Zantac, but that wouldn’t effect his lower GI, so I’m not really sure to what we owe our pleasant day.

Even more exciting is that Jasper slept from 9pm – 3am yesterday! And then again at 6am. Now I understand why he wanted to be on the boob from 7pm through 9pm straight…he was trying to gear up for the night. Or maybe I give him too much credit. Either way, it was the most restful night I’ve had since he was born.

We also had a great morning, Jasper started cooing and laughing on his changing table after I changed him.. he was on his back, so that’s rare! We played some peek-a-boo and danced to Bob Marley and then he ate and is now sleeping!

He’s also getting more interested in the things around him. We put a mobile that moves and plays music on his basinnette/co-sleeper and he’s totally fascinated by it. Makes me wish I didn’t get so many toys that don’t do flashy things  – like all that FP rainforest stuff that I aesthetically HATE, but clearly they serve their purpose – babies love them even if parents don’t.

Here are a few pictures of Jasper enjoying his Skip Hop Spaceship Tummy Time Mat that his auntie Roxy bought him:

I guess I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel… A sneek peak into the happy baby boy Jasper of the future and I love it!

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Andrea says:

I just happened across your blog while researching reflux. We have carbon copy boys. My son was born August 6th and is EXACTLY the same as yours. He was just started in the past 24 hours on Prevacid Solutabs. We have been doing formula musical chairs trying to find one that agrees with him. I had to go part time with my job just in order to care for him. It has been quite trying (as you well know) and there are days that I just feel hopeless. I am glad in some ways to hear that I am not alone and that there are people who deal with the exact same thing. I could totally relate to this post as I wondered if Jack would ever smile as every day he was just so in pain or fussy. He did end up smiling and that was just a glimmer of hope for me.

Would love to chat with you and compare notes on reflux :)

Melanie says:

Sounds like things are getting better! He is soooo freakin’ cute! Just hang in there, the first few months are the hardest… once you hit 3-4 months you really turn a corner and you kinda forget about all the bad stuff in the beginning!

Emily says:

he is lovely. these days will soon start to outweigh the devil days. you’re doing a great job.

Rachel says:

yay! That’s great news he’s doing better. And that you got some sleep. Now you can really enjoy him!

jenn says:

i can’t remember how i found your blog – but wanted to tell you jasper is SO cute. my son is one day older – 8-18-08! He has just started those same funny smiles!! if you want to see our blog, just email me (we have it set to private)

heartartz says:

Thank you for posting these pictures. I can now get the Devil baby pictures out of my mind.
Jasper is just beautiful! What a precious smile.
He will be a happy baby…soon.
Our youngest son had formula/digestion problems and cried non-stop for the first couple months. One day, during a horrible fitful crying session, our neighbor came over to see if he was OK. (I think she thought he was being abused) She stayed a while and then left saying…she had never seen such a fussy baby!
Our son has grown up to be a fine young man. Now he just whines or slams a door and gives us the silent treatment when he doesn’t get this way…typical teenager!
They grow so quickly… enjoy every all goes by too fast.

Cynthia says:

I just want to congratulate you guys!!! He’s sooo beautiful…I will be sending positive vibes so lil’ Jasper starts feeling better.

ariana says:

I know Justin, isn’t it amazing?? He’s such a big boy now!

JustinK says:

I can’t believe how much bigger he’s gotten since I saw him 3 weeks ago!!!

Ynghie says:

You’re doing a great job Mommy! that beautiful smile is your reward!

priscilla says:

I know that everyone tells you this-
Time really does fly quickly with our kids. My oldest is 30 today and Jasper’s beautiful face brought me right back. Thanks.