Things I Can’t Live Without

Jasper, 9 Days Old

So for those of you still expecting, I thought I’d put together a list of the items we are loving and using all the time.

1) The Miracle Blanket. Jasper is quite the Houdini. Jeff is a great swadler, but despite his best efforts Jasper always managed to break free of the swaddle me’s and regular receiving blanket swaddles we tried to use on him. If it were not for the miracle blanket I would not have slept since we got home from the hospital!

2) Organic cloth diapers for burp cloths.  We have at least 2 in every room of the house!

3) Medela Lanolin Nipple Cream.  Most people get the Lansinoh as I did, but I had a sample of the Medela and tried it once. The consistency of it is much softer (more like honey and less sticky) than Lansinoh, which makes it easier to spread on sore nipples without hurting them even more.

4) Pamper’s Swaddler’s Sensitive.  We got spoiled by the hospital diapers that have a yellow line that turns green when baby has peed. Regular Pamper’s swadlers don’t have this, but the sensitive ones do. It’s nice to take a quick peek and know if he needs to be changed rather than have to do a thorough investigation!

5) Moby style Wrap. Jasper doesn’t really like his bouncy chair or swing yet and he’s recently developed GERD or Colic or something with the same symptoms (more on that fabulous development later…) and being in the wrap is one of the only ways to comfort him.  Plus I can get things done because I’m hands free!

5) Our iHome clock/radio/ipod dock. Nursing in the middle of the night can get lonely.. I like listening to NPR or music while we’re nursing. It’s also one of the only ways I have any idea what’s going on in the outside world.

6) This handy breastfeeding/diaper changing log that Jeff made for me in excel.  Without it, I would have no idea the last time I fed him, how many poopy diaper’s he’s had (so I know he’s getting enough hindmilk) or what side I fed him from last. This chart is my lifeline. Feel free to download and use yourself!

7) A yoga/exercise/stability ball – holding baby while gently bouncing on this ball saved our sanity – just make sure you get the right sized ball for your height!

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Leigh says:

I’m glued to your blog. I’m due in 4 weeks–eek! Thanks for sharing all the tips. I just printed a whole bunch of the excel spreadsheets. My sister-in-law said the miracle blanket was a must for her. Nobody got any sleep without it at her house. I’m going to get one this week. All the best!

patricia says:

Wow. Finally – little becoming home is actually here.
Warm wishes to you and your home-coming with your sweet baby.

Jessica says:

What a gorgeous pic!!! He is absolutely perfect!!!

also – thanks for the handy little spreadsheet :)

koryanshea says:

hi! i don’t want to nag, but i don’t think it’s actually healthy to put a baby in a bouncy chair or swing before it’s able to sit on its own. has something to do with pressure on the (not yet developed) pelvis. I’d ask a pediatrician about that if I were you.
Congrats on a beautiful baby! I really like this blog :)

Kath says:

Hey Ariana! I love my moby wrap, too. Used it today so I could pick clutter up off the floor, eat yogurt, do laundry…Glad to hear that you’re doing so well. Jasper is adorable!

Stephanie says:

Oh no! I’m so sorry. If Jasper does end up getting diagnosed with GERD/reflux, feel free to email me, Ariana. Both of my girls had it – Ginger, who is now one, is still dealing with it. I’m happy to share experiences and resources, or just happy to be an electronic shoulder to cry on when you’re drowning in spit-up soaked laundry.

Here are some helpful web sites: (Dr. Phillips ROCKS!)

It DOES get better. :-)

Rachel says:

oops – just posted a longwinded comment and got an SQL error. Our baby Sofia came home with a heart monitor b/c she was a preemie, and she also had horrible colic, but I didn’t know it. I just thought it was normal to only get 2 or 3 hours of sleep at night and to have to literally wear the baby in my Moby wrap all day long, otherwise she would cry constantly and she couldn’t stay asleep b/c she was in pain. When the heart monitor data came back from the doctor’s office that she was having episodes of apnea (stopping breathing) and low heart rate, we had to see a pulmonary specialist and he put her on Zan.tac. It turned out that reflux was all it was– the apnea and low heart rates have been gone for two months, there’s no more colic, and it’s like we have a different baby. So my point is, get it checked out if it continues. If I hadn’t had a preemie, I wouldn’t have ever known– I would have just accepted it as having the type of baby you read about in the Happiest Baby On The Block.

emily says:

Hey – Beautiful picture! Could you give us some tips on how you get them all black (or white) in the background?

Leah says:

Thank you! This is super handy. I for sure want to check out a few of these items.

monica says:

Thanks for the list! I always wonder what you REALLY need with newborns. What a sweet hubby to make that list of you, good idea.