Happy Belated Halloween!

Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

Halloween party in Brooklyn..

Other than a super fun halloween party with all of our friends and their babies, it’s been a very difficult week.

Just when I thought things were improving, we had a serious step backwards when Jasper started choking during breastfeeding last week. I want to clarify choking, not choking like aspirating and coughing, but rather unable to breath and pulling off the breast and gasping for air.

It distressed him so much that he actually was refusing to eat or be positioned at the breast for a few days which had me sobbing thinking that this was the end of nursing him.. I was sure he’d only take bottles from now on.

Then he choked while taking the bottle. Something was seriously wrong so I got him in to see an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist right away. I told him that it almost sounded like he was congested and choking the way a baby would who had a cold so couldn’t breathe through his nose. The thing was though that the “congestion” came and went throughout the day. (I later realized it isn’t congestion at all but rather milk that somehow is getting in his nose while feeding.)

The ENT said he couldn’t see any congestion and he wanted to use the scope to check out Jasper’s anatomy… of course this had me totally freaked out because they put a long black tube down his nose.. poor little guy! He cried, but honestly it wasn’t so bad because he stopped crying only a minute or so after the scope was removed and it was only in there for about 10 seconds.

The diagnosis? Laryngomalacia and Dysphagia. Laryngomalacia is a small airway collapse and dysphagia is a swallowing disorder. He should grow out of it by 18 months he said. It can also be the cause (or some say the result of) reflux. The ENT said Jasper most certainly does suffer from reflux as he could see redness around his esophogeal opening.

At least that mystery is solved, I never felt quite right keeping him on Zantac not knowing for sure if he really suffered from GERD, but now that I know I can’t beleive I didn’t realize that as we hadn’t upped his dose with his growth his symptoms were coming back only worse!  It’s been a few days on the new dose and it actually seems to have helped with the choking even, so now I know we really need to stay on top of it and even possibly switch medications if it doesn’t get things under control.

It’s never boring around here!

In other medical news Jasper had to get his first shot (HIB) last friday and he took it like a champ. I was worried when the pedi looked into his ears and Jasper screamed for about 3 minutes that he would be inconsolable after the shot.. but he only cried for about 20 seconds. Aparantly the ear scope is much less comfortable. Silly kid :)

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Michelle says:

I have a friend who went through this aspirating with her little girl. She wrote me a testimonial and it can be viewed on my blog. http://petalspuddles.blogspot.com/
If you have any questions from another mom I’m sure she would be willing to answer them. She is also a RN and very knowledgable about this. I hope things improve like they did for her.

How is the baby carrier working? It was the solution for this friend for the aspiration after eating. She had to keep her baby upright for the hour after eating. I can give you Terra’s email if you would like.

Hope all improves, Michelle
Petals & Puddles, Inc

tryingin2007 says:

wow! always something, right? I’m so glad they have answers for you now.

little scooby is a real cutey!

ariana says:

Jill, what are you doing commenting.. didn’t you just have a BABY??? Yipeeee! I can’t wait to read about her birth :)

Thanks Lindsay, glad you delurked!

Sarah, Jasper has always been a chugger too and choked during let down..I always thought it was my over active let down, but I guess the other stuff doesn’t help any.

Jill says:

Poor Jasper! And poor you — that sounds so scary and heartwrenching! I’m so they figured it out!

Lindsay says:

This costume is sooo cute. I have been reading both of your blogs and enjoy hearing all about your house and baby. (I own a condo and don’t have any children yet) You have great DIY ideas and the nursery looks so comfortable, soothing, and fresh. And I learned all about tongue tied, which my cousin’s baby also had. Keep the pictures and ideas coming!

Sarah says:

I’m glad that you were smart enough to think to take him to the doc about hims doing that. Kaity usually chokes because I let down fast and she is such a chugger!! I hope he does better soon!!
Shots wise, Kaity had her’s last week and I actually forgot her pacifier!! She screamed and I felt so terrible. I did remember to give her Tylenol before we left for the doctors though :) She had a total of 3 vaccinations total (one was a combinations of 2), but only had to have 2 shots, next month we go get the other 2. They were nice enough to offer to space them out for us. I thought that was considerate of them. With all the hype of vaccinations nowadays, its hard as a parent to know what path to travel down when it comes to vaccinations.
Glad to hear he did well with them. I’m so glad they won’t remember. Although I had to get our boys ( 4yrs and 2 yrs) chicken pox vaccination done a few weeks ago and they remember it well. They got prizes after for being brave!