Poop. In the TUB!!!

When I say "poop" maybe you'll believe me next time!!

I don’t know, maybe I had become overly complacent because we made it through babyhood without a poop incident in the tub, but this caught me totally by surprise.

Such was my confidence that not even Jasper’s declaration of “poop!” while sitting in his bath last night raised any alarm bells.. he has a hard time distinguishing between poop and farts so I thought maybe he let one loose in there.

So we’re doing bathtime, I’m trying to coax him out of the tub and as usual, he’s giving me a hard time. He stands up, I tell him if he doesn’t sit down that bath is over, rinse, repeat, and then, he stands and a giant poop pretty much falls out (no grunting or warning of any sort!) Then it’s followed by two  smaller ones.


Fortunately he was already standing so I just whisked him out and put him down and he starts running around the bathroom, me chasing him with toilet paper (which by the way does not work well on a wet butt in case you were wondering.)  I finally have to dash to his bedroom to get wipes and come back.

By far worse than a wet squirmy toddler that needs his butt wiped is the disgusting aftermath of the now poopy water left in the tub.. I’ll spare you the details, but it’s not pleasant.

In an effort to avoid a repeat incident, I’m taking this as our cue start potty training (after all, he DID warn me, I just didn’t listen!)  I guess at almost 20 months he’s about ready anyway, time to get a potty and some potty books.

Anyone have words of wisdom as we embark on this wonderful new stage?

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We just started potty training, too! So far it’s going pretty good, but neither Haiden nor I have been consistent in any way since starting! He gets so excited to sit on the potty and loooooves the chocolate chip he gets if he goes, but I’m still trying to figure out how much to “push” it right now. I think for now I’m trying to associate “Potty” with a good thing, then we’ll go from there.

Also, the Baby Bjorn potty seat that you put on the toilet is awesome, so is their little “full” potty with the removable bowl.

Fiona says:

Hi Ariana

You made my day with this post.
Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Yvonne says:

I have absolutely no good advice on potty training, except make sure he is really ready before you start.

Aimee says:

At 20 months my son was super excited to pee on the potty. However he was in no way ready to be potty trained. We left his little toilet in the bathroom so he knew what it was for but we did not force or even try to attempt potty training. The ped said the average for boys is 39 months. With me being due in 3 months we also decided that he would just revert back anyways and it was added frustration that we didn’t need. Fast forward 10 months. After pretty much 8 months of ignoring the potty we bought him, he decided on day he didn’t want to wear diapers anymore. He literally said to us “Cole no wear diapers anymore” and he has not since then. He is 37 months now. We didn’t have to do any potty parties, no fill up on fluids so he has to pee, or anything else. We just told him to let us know when he needs to go. He did. There were a couple of accidents but only at home. He has never once peed in his bed at night, he has never worn a pull up, and we don’t cut off his liquids at a certain time of night. He goes to bed with his water and if he needs to wake up to pee, he does.

Had we tired to potty train at 20 months when he was first interested, I don’t think it would have been as painless as it was. In fact, I can guarentee that I would have been nursing a newborn at 2am and changing wet sheets.

Just make sure he is really ready for it. Our son has a very strong personality and he has been the one to guide when he was ready for the next step. Nursing stopped at 9 months, refused to drink any formula a week before 1, no bottle after 1 year, in a big boy bed at 16 months and potty trained at 30 months. We learned early on not to fight it and when he is ready it will be an easy switch and it was every time.

Good luck but don’t be frustrated if he just likes playing with the toilet and using it as a hat. :-)

jbhat says:

Our kiddo pooped in the tub three times. I think it freaked him out more than it did me, poor guy. This too shall pass (wait, eeew!).


Uh Oh! Tub poop does happen and you can’t help but be grossed out…. My son always seems to want to “catch” them!!! BTW, Ikea makes a great potty (all one piece, easy to clean and super cute colors) and very reasonably priced…

Alex says:

Good luck! We’ve started potty training and here are my tips:


Jen says:

Best advice we ever got about potty training is to think of it like every other milestone – it’s a process not an event! Just like there is a process for babies to learn how to crawl and toddler to learn how to walk, there is a process to potty learning.

We used this “system” for lack of a better word: http://www.pottytrainingpower.com/

It was well worth the little bit of money spent if you ask me. We used the e-mail life line more than a few times and it was super helpful to have some “expert” advice exactly when we needed it!

Good Luck! I think 20 months is a great time to start!

Amber says:

omg!!! hahahaha!! so GROSS and yet SO funny! i totally had the picture painted of you chasing around a dripping wet boy with toilet paper in your hands, lol. good luck with the potty training, i don’t have personal experience but know (through my sis of 7 kids and sil of 3) to be PATIENT! i’ve seen the more they try to force the kid to “the potty” the more the child refuses, so have fun with it. can’t wait to hear those stories ;)

kari says:

happened with liam once.. no warning. add it to the list of “joys of motherhood”.

we got liam a potty a couple of weeks ago – but haven’t done anything with it other than let him get used to seeing it in the bathroom…

after some research, here is what we ended up with for downstairs:

and we got this one for upstairs…

keep us posted on the best tips/tricks… i haven’t gotten any “cues” from liam that he is ready yet… then again – i wouldn’t know them if i did!!

happy monday.

Lisa says:

That is so funny! My daughter is 14 months old, and we’ve managed to avoid these incidents so far . . . thanks for the warning though! :)

Samm says:

That is so so funny. Thanks for the description of the big one, followed by two little ones. Great visual. LOL!!
I’ve always worried about that happening. Like you, I’ve convinced myself that we’re safe now since it never happened before. I’ll consider myself warned!

Juliana says:

How funny! My baby did the same thing last week. I also had the same idea: start potty trainning. I went to a store this past weekend with him so he could choose his potty. He was really excited to use it and when we came home he asked (in his own way) that he wanted me to take out his diaper and he spend 30 minutes without it. Botton line: two pees on the floor! I will start his trainning really slowly and see what happens.
I asked his pediatritian what I could do to train him and she gave some ideas. Maybe one can work out for you.
She said that I can start to take him to the potty every hour, take out his diaper and ask him to sit down for 5 or 10 minutes each time. She also said that it would be frustating at the beginning, but one time he will get it right. And when it happens just make a big deal out of it and he will start to try to get it right everytime so you can do the same thing. Another thing that she said that might work is for you to have a board next to the potty and everytime he pees or poops you give him a sticker. After 10 or 20 you can take him to a store that he likes and let him choose a present.
I will start the trainning today. Let’s see what happens!!!

Maria says:

Funny post..that happened to us once, thankfully only once! I have no words of wisdom to share, unfortunately, but your post is so timely. I’d like to buy a potty for Jonah and start the training process and am curious to see what other Moms suggest…

pam says:

yeah. been there. CODE BROWN! it’s awful. be thankful you didn’t have THREE toddlers in the tub to deal with! EW!