Happy 6 months Sasha & Willow!

Dear Sasha & Willow,

I can’t believe you are 6 months old today. One half year that has flown by and yet seemed like so long all at the same time!



Mommy has been so busy lately that she didn’t …

Happy 4 Months Sasha & Willow

Ok, 4 months and 11 days to be exact. Mommy is a little behind as usual..

Sasha Star.. this has been a huge month of change for you!  You went from being a little bit “sensitive” and dare I say …

Six Weeks Old!

Our kids as sketched by Jeff!

Jeff’s sketch pretty much sums it up.  I guess Jasper was particularly whiny that day.. Willow has these buggy eyes and makes the CRAZIEST faces (seriously, I can’t get a good picture of her because of those faces!) and Sasha …

Adrenaline Junkies

Jeff has always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Hence the motorcycle, tattoos, etc. It has always been in the back of my mind that Jasper might someday follow in his footsteps, but then once Jasper’s shy, inhibited and …

I’m a Big Kid Now

Yesterday Jasper shocked me when he put his PJs on all by himself. Not even easy ones, the tight thermal kind that are kind of hard to wriggle into. He got the tags the right way round and everything!

Then …

We Had a Conversation

Tell me about your day mommy..

Last night I had a shoot in the early evening so Jeff had picked Jasper up from daycare. On the way home I always ask Jasper about his day- what he did, who he played with, if he had fun..but …

Jasper – King of the Potty!

And here he is, sitting on his throne in his big boy underwear – so proud of himself!!

“But wait!” you ask, “When did Jasper get potty trained?”

Beats the hell out of me! It happened pretty much in an …

Jasper Quotes Literature

Last night I was giving Jasper some cheddar bunnies to keep him busy while I prepared dinner. I placed a few on his high chair tray and he said “Thank You and Lucy”.

Well, that’s what I THOUGHT he said …

Jasper’s Two Year Pediatrician Visit

First of all, the stats!

Wt: 27lbs (and five grams, but who even knows what that means?)

Ht: 34.5″ (Does this mean he’ll only be 5’9″ as an adult?)

Head Circumference: 50cm

Which puts him, for the first time in …

22 Months and the Best Father’s Day Weekend EVER!

Dear Jasper,

Saturday you turned 22 months!  It was also father’s day weekend and I think that we had the best weekend we’ve ever had together.. Saturday we went to your pop-pop’s family picnic in Pennsylvania, they have it every …