I Peed on a Stick and (drumroll..)


I’m still in SHOCK!

It’s only 8 days after a 3 day transfer, which equates to testing  at around 11 days past ovulation, or 3 days before a missed period which is still pretty early. I wasn’t expecting the …

In Defense of My Aunt

My previous post came off as angrier than I really was, I wan’t really angry, just dissapointed.

I really love my Aunt, she’s the only person in my ‘real’ life that actually regularly reads my blogs which shows you how …

2nd Beta is In!!!

The nurse called and I couldn’t believe my ears..

My Beta went up from 33 @ 12dpIUI to 191 @ 15dpIUI!  That’s almost doubling every 24 hours instead of 48.  (OMG, I wonder if there are two in there?)  Needless …

Clear Blue Easy Digital Says….


clear blue easy digital HPT

Its so nice to see that word.. no lines to interpret, just that one little word. How can it contain such joy? And such fear?

Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all last night.. Poor Jeff, I kept …

I think…maybe.. I saw a line???

Yes, I am only 11dpIUI, 10dp ovulation if I ovulated late which I think I did.. and I shouldn’t be testing this early, but I couldn’t help it. The $1 dollar tree pregnancy tests are so cheap I have hard …