Maternity Photos!

One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to know other photographers…talking shop, swapping ideas, sharing information and, when you need it – finding the perfect person to capture your own family’s memories!  I met Alicia Gould

Belly Pic, 37 Weeks 3 Days

It’s been a very long time since I posted a belly shot. Mostly because I can barely stand to look at myself these days, why would anyone else want to??

But in honor of the much anticipated arrival of my

Preterm Labor Part II – 32 Weeks

First of all, thank you all sooooo much for voting on Oliver vs. Knut, I think I have decided to get both as many of you suggested!

Because this post will be very long and wordy, here is a …

You’re not Sexy, You’re Pregnant!

Such were my husband’s words to me when I put on the shirt that I’m seen wearing in the pictures below.

I guess he thought I was showing too much cleavage. Actually his exact words were “You’re not sexy Ari, …

19 Weeks Belly Pic

19 Weeks

And I look like I’m carrying twins! Seriously, my belly button is already really shallow, threatening to pop out at any second.

And yes, this does mean we are back from our baby moon, a little burnt and …

Belly Shot: 15 Weeks 3 Days

And I am HUGE!

At last, the long overdue belly shot:

15.5 weeks.

All the women on the nest second trimester message board go on about how at 22 weeks they are JUST starting to show and have gained like …

I am One Fat Mamma

Belly pic 9 weeks

Belly Pic, 9 weeks pregnant

So I thought I had gotten off pretty easy being that I haven’t really had much morning sickness to speak of. Or so I thought.

What I have been experiencing is constant hunger, the kind …