Happy 3rd Birthday Sasha & Willow!

Dear Sasha & Willow,

Today you are three!  I can’t believe three years have passed since you came into our lives –  the time has flown so fast and yet I can’t even remember life before we had our girls.


You are such precious little beings, from your curly mops of hair to your dainty little toes.  You are full of songs, imaginary friends, fairy tales,  tea parties, fairy wings and all the magic of childhood.    Every morning when you wake up in your room together I hear you singing songs, or pretending to be in a boat out at sea, or talking “on the phone” to a faraway a relative that you know mostly by the modern sorcery of skype.


Our days end with pleas for “Just one more kiss!” and choruses of “I love you mommy!” as you try to stretch the day to last a few more minutes before sleep and although I’m usually slightly exasperated by the long dinner/bedtime dance I leave your room and think to myself how incredibly lucky we are that you chose us to be your parents.


Sasha, you are my strong willed, sanguine little creature, full of will and a dichotomous combination of temper and care and compassion. You will take Jasper or Willow’s toy one minute, but cry as if in pain if either of them get hurt.   You definitely think you run things (and let’s be honest, sometimes you do) and think of yourself as Willow’s big sister – nevermind that you are a few minutes younger!   In your pretend play you are always the mommy and Willow your baby and you take incredibly good care of her. When she broke her leg I was worried you would be jealous of the extra attention she was getting but you were so concerned and caring, you even told her that you would take care of her at ballet class so she wouldn’t break her leg again!


You simultaneously love and torture your big brother Jasper.  In so many ways you are really his twin, fun loving, daring, goofy, adventurous and playful. The two of you sometimes disappear together for what seems like hours to play pretend pillow fight, spaceship or some other game that has you thick as thieves.


Your favorite things are swimming,  Daddy (you are a true daddy’s girl!) strawberry & vanilla ice cream, Rapunzel, Dora, princesses, clothes and accessories, fairy tales and stories and any kind of party or social gathering – you are a true extrovert and I wonder every day what incredible mark you will make on the world!


My darling Willow, I hope I never forget your adorable dreaminess, they way you can lose yourself in thought, or a single toy and seemingly shut out the world (and your crazy brother and sister) around you. You are so kissable I sometimes simply can’t keep my lips away from your soft cheeks, there is something about you that just makes people want to hug and squeeze you. Your brother calls you his “Smoochy Smoochy” for this reason.  But you will adamantly insist that no, you are NOT smoochy smoochy,  your name is only “Willow Rose, Willow Pillow or Willow Bee!”


Your imagination is so full, sometimes I catch you talking to someone like the other night after we went to the beach for photos and were having dinner and  you said “It’s OK, come here.”  When I asked who you were talking to you told me “Jeanie and Hony” who are your imaginary friends.  The apparently live on a train in California with all of your pets and some other friends who names you do not know!


You love cupcakes (or ANYthing sweet!) and bunnies and fairy tales like your sister.  You are incredibly detailed and good with a crayon and I wonder if you will be our little artist like your daddy.   But most of all despite your incredible stubborn streak  you are just so SWEET!

The day or two after you broke your leg I had the first opportunity since you were born to spend a whole day alone with just you and I got a rare glimpse into what life might have been like with just one easy child!  It was a gloriously simple day, we shopped, had lunch, cuddled on the couch, you took an incredibly long nap and I just got to enjoy your delightfully sweet company.


You both make our lives so crazy and full, and yes, full of crazy, but also full of imagination and wonder and pink and purple and unicorns and princesses and picnics and all the beautiful girly things I didn’t realize that I still love as much as you do.  Discovering these enchanted worlds with you and seeing them through your eyes is a gift and a privilege and even though I cry a little inside every time I realize how FAST you are growing up, I know we have so many wonderful adventures ahead of us.


Keep dreaming, singing, dancing, playing and making the world a little bit more magical every day my sweet princesses!


Love, Mommy.

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