Happy 7th Birthday Jasper!


To my dear sweat boy, the one who made me a mom.   I simply cannot believe you are seven. Seven is like real “big kid” territory, only a few more years until you are a tween!   But for now, you are still our little guy, still big-hearted, kind, considerate, compassionate and you still like to hang out with your dad and I and even your sisters!

This has been a huge year of firsts, first year of elementary school, first lost tooth, first time playing T-ball and you have just rolled with it like it was no big deal.  I would even say you excelled!


Even though our first meeting with your teacher we heard you had a hard time not talking out of turn, by the end of the year she only had the highest of praise for you and how much you contributed to the class.



In T-ball you were a powerhouse hitter to be reckoned with even when pitched to, and that’s without getting to use your true talent which is a rocket of an arm… I’m excited for you to get to pitch some day in little league and show everyone what you can do!

You also have so many new interests, like origami, and music (you look like such a teenager listening to my old iPod!)


Here is a list of some of your favorite things at the moment!

Song: “I want to love you Madly” by cake
Friend: You are still so close to all your amazing preschool friends but I’ve loved watching you develop your friendships with so many new friends like Leo and at school  Frankie, Teddy, Sean and a few others I’m forgetting.
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Movie: Tough one, you loved Home and Inside Out.
Superhero: Ant man at the current moment!
Toy: You love to build with Magnatiles and legos, but Bear is still the one you look for every night before bed. Thank god!
Activity: Playing rocket ship and “camping” with  your sisters. This usually involves complete destruction of the living room and/or guest room but it’s totally worth it to see how adorably you all play together. You also LOVE playing go fish and crazy eights!
Sport: I love how well you’ve been doing at baseball, but you really love basketball.
Book: Harry potter of course, but you also LOVED reading Fly-guy all by yourself!


There are so many wonderful things about you I could keep writing on and on, but one of the things that makes us most proud is how you continue to be so sweet and loving with your sisters.  I hope they always appreciate how incredibly lucky they are to have a big brother who doesn’t just tolerate them, but loves to be with them, take care of them and play with them despite the age difference.  I see such a caring gentle side to you in the way you are with them that makes my heart melt into a puddle all over the floor!


Six was an amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what wonderful things seven brings your way!




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