Happy 15 Months Sasha & Willow!



I am a week late for this AND I skipped two months. AND I never posted the girls 1 year photoshoot & cakesmash photos. So I’ll use those here because I haven’t taken any “real” images since (except for Christmas day and I haven’t even had a chance to pull those of my memory card yet!)


Saha, somewhere in the past few months you became the “easy one!” Being the firecracker that you are, that’s not to say you don’t screech in displeasure when it suits you – but most of the time you toddle around and play independently, perfectly content to explore on your own.

Your level of verbal comprehension is astounding to me. In fact, you’ve become my little helper as I can issue you a request such as “Sasha, go and get mommy Willow’s boots” and you will run off, find exactly what I’ve asked for and give them to me!


You have so many words, I’d guess maybe 25-30? I think I will list them here in case we ever wonder what words you said when. At 15 months your regular vocabulary includes:
Eat (you say it like Eattttch and touch your finger to your mouth & nose like the baby sign for it)
Hat (one of your favorites!)
Bah (breastmilk)
Botch (Pacifier, from the word “bottle”)
Duck (you love the windup duck toy Santa brought you!)
Bow (Jasper’s Bear)
Back (as in put it back)
Yaya (your word for Willow)
Mo’ (more)
Do’ (Door)
Nigh Nigh (going night night, ie. to bed)

It’s SO much fun communicating with both of you girls!

You are my little social butterfly – if we go out shopping you will say “Ha-eee” if anyone comes near us and will continue until they stop and acknowledge you, at which point you flash them your 10,000 watt smile!


Willow, you have gone through such a transformation the past few months..you finally started walking!  In fact, your activity level has gone up so much that you actually LOST weight between your 12 month and 15 month checkup.  (You currently look a lot more svelte than these pictures!)

You have also begun asserting yourself so much more – you are still Sasha’s victim much of the time (she loves to pull your hair and tackle you and use you as a pillow!) but you also fight back now and we all cheer you on!   You will swat away any food that you don’t want and say ‘Nooooo” or lately, you just throw it on the floor much to my dismay!   Now that you are walking so well, you are a bit more prone to play and explore on your own, but sometimes  you still like to simply cling to mommy like a cute little appendage.  I don’t mind the extra snuggles, but it does make it hard to get anything done!


Your big blue eyes, pixie hair and lately pigtails positively SLAY me. I could just eat you up and smother you in kisses (and frequently do) all day long!

Perhaps the most amazing thing to watch is your developing sense of compassion for each other. You are both HYPERaware of which pacifier or article of clothing belongs to whom, and will bring them to each other as a love offering.  Willow, lately I haven’t been leaving food on your tray because you love throwing it, so Sasha has starting reaching over and putting food on your tray when she notices you have none but she does!  She will also bring you puffs or other items she knows you might like when you are crying… it’s a beautiful thing to watch your bond develop.




I couldn’t love you both more without positively bursting – and it’s so sweet to see that love echoed for each other.


Your mommy.

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