Happy Belated 11 Months Sasha & Willow!

Dear Sasha & Willow,

This letter is late…20 days late to be exact!  And in 10 short days you will be ONE! I’m so unprepared, on every level.  We have parties to plan, apps to release, photoshoots to style and order outfits and props for, all of which I’m woefully behind on. But I just couldn’t not talk about your 10th month because so much has happened!
Sasha, this was the month you started waving and saying “Hi” all the time. You hold your hand hi above your head and it sounds  rather like “Hah”, like you are some sort of southern belle – belle of the ball with your queen wave!


You also say ball, and throw the ball and play catch with your brother…


In fact, you like saying ball so much you’ve taken to saying “Baah” all the time for almost everything!

You also started taking steps.. you are officially a toddler.  So bittersweet..

And Willow, this has been a HUGE month for you! You finally started crawling!!!!!!!!!! Slowly and deliberately and completely Willow-like, and only if you REALLY want something badly..


You are as sweet as ever – it’s like therapy just being near you. They need to bottle you and hand it out and the people of the world would be so much better off.  You LOVE playing with your feet – you are always holding your foot -just like a little Buddha baby!


You both are still teething and have your moments – or several  – but overall we’ve turned this amazing corner and you are both so shockingly pleasant almost ALL of the time!

And if I leave you to your own devices you entertain each other wildly – I hear you laughing but can’t see exactly what you are doing because if I get too close you stop – but I have caught Sasha tackling you Willow and resting her head on you, to which you laugh hysterically. It’s the sweetest sound in the world.

Today your mum-mum watched you and told me that when you were supposed to be napping, Willow you threw your pacifier through the slats of your crib, to which Sasha wisely replied for you “Uh Oh.”   Already finishing each other’s sentences – how priceless!


Your mommy

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GiGi says:

how can they possibly be nearing a year old?! So precious! TFS!

jbhat says:

They are SCRUMPTIOUS! How can they be a year old in 10 days?? Have fun with the party prep and don’t get too stressed out.