The month he turned into a fish..

Our “new” house (that we moved into over a year ago) has a pool.  Its a wonderful glorious thing, and I honestly feel like I’m vacationing every weekend. In my own home. It’s that fabulous

But as the mother of now THREE young children, the fact that we have a pool and children that don’t know how to swim is also quite terrifying.  So terrifying that I actually signed up Jasper to go to a local daycamp for two months this year despite the exorbitant price tag, because they are known for their strong swimming program.

Campers swim twice a day, once for instruction and once for free swim.  So even though I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes every time I think about the fact that in one week I have to put him on a schoolbus to go to a place he’s never been before – I knew it was the best thing for his safety.

Well, in typical Jasper fashion,  Jasper took things into his own hands and basically started swimming on his own.!

To truly understand how unlikely this transformation truly is, you have to realize that just a few short weeks ago he would come completely unglued if he got so much as a drop of water in his eyes during bath time.

Now, he is completely fearless of going under, getting his eyes wet, snorkling and even of DIVING. Yes diving, headFIRST!

I didn’t even realize how crazy it is that he just decided to dive yesterday and did it right the first time with no practice or instruction until my mom pointed out how normally someone TEACHES  you how to dive.. and then yes, I started remembering such lessons myself: stand or kneel at the edge of the pool, put hands on top of head and kind of “fall” into the water… nope, not my boy:

(please excuse my reference to how much time we have left, this was my first instagram video and I’m used to 6 second vines!!)

When I think about this, I realize what a perfect metaphor it is for my Jasper. Stubborn as the day is long – you can’t push him to do anything. But the second he is ready to do it, he dives in head first and doesn’t look back.

Can you tell I’m a proud mama?

And just because, here are a few more pictures from our poolside weekends!

lots o kids.






I hope you all had a wonderful summer weekend as well!

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ariana says:

@Courtni, thank you so much, for ALL your kind words. I have everything crossed for your FET.. keep me posted please!! You can see some images of the house (Before we moved in, so none of our “stuff” is in there yet) here:

Hi Sarah, so funny about the swimsuit! He’ll be going to Deerkill.. he’s so excited! Wow, cole is an amazing swimmer – what a great video :)

Sarah says:

And omigosh, I have the same suit as you

Sarah says:

So jealous of that gorgeous pool! Out of curiosity, which camp are you sending him to? I taught lessons in the county for 13 years… Here’s Cole swimming:

Courtni says:


You have SUCH a beautiful family! I love you home and want to see it again, but I will never beable to find that post again when you posted pics! You look great by the way!

I am going through my FET cycle right now for embryos we have frozen. I hope to be as blessed as you with a pregnancy in July! Been following you forever! Since like before Jasper was born! Crazy right? Love you and your photography and you pick the greatest names for your kids.. Okay, I’m rambling, that’s all. :)

ariana says:

GiGi, he sounds like a boy after my own heart!

Danielle, maybe it’s an age thing? I love my suit too, and guess what? It’s cheap, and ON SALE.. from Walmart of all places can you believe it? It’s even got some sort of slimming panel which is good for the mummy tummy. (As if anything can really slim my postpartum twin belly haha!)

Danielle says:

I loved this post! My oldest who is just slightly younger then jasper has had the same pool transformation this year! It’s amazing! I love your suit! Would you mind sharing where you got it?

GiGi says:

Yay Jasper! As th mom of a boy with a very Jasper-like personality, I had to smile reading this! Even at age 11, he lets things in his own time & manner. But look out once he makes up his mind to do something! Enjoy this time!