Happy Seven Months Sasha & Willow!


This has been such a big month for you two! Both of you are practically pro sitters which makes our photoshoots so much more fun! It also means that we can prop you up with boppys to catch you in case you fall and let you play with your toys. It’s fun to see how each of you approaches the task so differently.



Sasha, you have to play with EVERY toy.  You go through the toy repertoire in a matter of minutes, playing with each one for a few seconds before tossing it to the side and going for another. Then, when you’ve exhausted the options, you squawk in displeasure at your boredom!  Willow, you tend to play with each toy for a longer period of time, sitting up only until the effort seems to much and you gracefully recline back into your boppy content to just lounge and chew your giraffe wubbanub’s foot (how you LOVE that giraffe!)


Sasha, you have the most graceful hand movements – well, your right hand anyway. You wave it around amost in slow motion like the queen wave so I’ve taken to calling it your “queen hand”, though your pop-pop thinks it looks like you are hula dancing.


You finally have become a master roller, though you only seem to want to go from back to belly and then get frustrated because your belly is not really where it’s at for you.

Willow, since getting your helmet off you seem much closer to wanting to roll and in fact so much happier in general! You are the perfect eater, where your sister tends to talk while she’s eating and get more on her face and bib, your bib is squeaky clean because you open your mouth eagerly and take each bit tidily and wait impatiently for the next…


That is the other major change this month: solid foods!  You both love your solid food.  In fact, even though we started out with the Baby Led Weaning approach, we had to switch to spoon feeding because you both would howl with displeasure that the food wasn’t getting into your bellies fast enough. I can’t even say what your favorites are because you haven’t actually refused anything. I hope this lack of finickiness lasts a good long time!

You both have become much more vocal, Sasha in particular you spend most of the day babbling away – Dadadadada is your favorite (we are still working on mamama!) You even babble in your sleep, and certainly when you whine. Willow you are babbling too, though you still tend to coo a bit more – you have an impressive way of matching the exact note with a coo when anyone sings to you!

Some of my favorite things you both do is the way you reach out and grab my face and try to put my chin in your mouth, or the way Sasha you flap your hands in excitement or Willow the giant smile that transforms your whole face.  Watching you both change and grow so much this past month has been amazing – I can’t wait to find out what next month will bring!


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jbhat says:

What CUTIES! I love their dresses. I love how describe their little ways. Seven months is one of those sweet milestone ages.


pam says:

they are too beautiful! happy seven months, girls! best age ever. :)