Getting IN the picture

There is a lot going on of course – Willow is getting her helmet Friday which I will have to blog about then. But for now, I want to share a little project I’ve been working on!

Since our guest room is right off our living room on the first floor, we have been using it as a nice place to park the babies’ playmat and hang with them (as a much more comfy alternative to the hardwood floor!)

Spending a considerable amount of time in that room woke me to the realization that it has the most beautiful soft filtered south facing light. North is ideal, but compared to the abundance of east/west facing windows in our house, this light is noticeably more soft and beautiful.   So I started thinking about how it would be the perfect place to take those “family on the bed” pictures.   But… the room definitely needed a facelift!

We hadn’t really done anything with it since we moved in – in fact we had purchased the king size bed from the sellers and they had left their bedspread so it looked like this (minus the wood furniture and rug!)

Now brown and blue isn’t a bad combo per say, but it wasn’t the light airy look I was going for. So I purchased a beautiful new pin-tuck duvet cover for our master bedroom and moved OUR white Ikea duvet cover downstairs. And then, found a pretty tufted headboard on Overstock and that’s  all it took to transform the whole feel of the room!

There was just one more missing piece – a remote trigger with an intervalometer. Some of you may remember that I shot our family photo for our 2011 holiday card with just the canon remote and someone suggested to me that it’s much better to use an invervalometer that will just shoot every few seconds as you interact – freeing you from having to aim and hide the remote! So it’s been on my wish list for a while now, but I finally pulled the trigger (haha) and purchased this one from amazon.

I got the girls ready, put my camera on my tripod – put a pillow where I was going to sit and used it as a focus point and then autofocused. Then I turned my lens on to manual focus so that it would not refocus after each shot and pressed start!

And here is the end result:

I love that I’ll be able to be IN some of the pictures of our family from now on!

It’s funny that I’ve been thinking about being in the picture with my kids this week and my cousin bumped up an old picture I’d posted on FB a while back of my mom and I when I was a baby.  I just ADORE this picture:

And this one of me, mom and my grandmother:

Seeing these photos and loving them as much as I do makes me determined not to deprive my children of that same legacy someday. I hope you all make a point of being in the picture every once in a while!


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Courtni says:

OMG!! Awesome! You mom look like she was like 17 in that photo! I don’t have a daughter, but maybe one day! :)

Nice room!

GiGi says:

You did an AWESOME job on transforming that room! And it is always great to see you come out from behind the camera. You belong there as much as your adorable family. :+)

Helen says:

Wow! great transformation of the room & beautiful photo of you & your daughter :) The pics of you & your mom are treasures…the white bathing suit was a flashback to the 70s for me, & wow! you look like your mom & Jasper looks like you as a baby!

ariana says:

Thanks guys! Heidi – I’m a huge fan of yours ;)

Heidi says:

I loved this photo back when you posted it and it is so fun to see the story behind it now. The photos of you with your mother and grandmother are such a treasure, and now your children will enjoy the same!

Sandra says:

Wow! You sure know how to work wonders in a room! Love the image of you and your baby. And as for that headboard – gorge!! :)