Happy Valentine’s Day!

From the cards we made for Jasper’s preschool classmates:

This was a fun little shoot. As usual I had no time to prepare, luckily I had those stick props from past birthday party photobooths! We also took some cute shots using some paper red hearts I made 5 seconds before we left but those didn’t make it onto the card.. if they had, the caption would have been something like “love is in the air!”







These were all shot just on my Suede Grey seamless, I just added some texture from one of Jessica Drosdin’s texture packs (fun to play with!)

That’s all I have time for.. babies are waking up! I take the girls to their 4 month pediatrician visit today. By myself. We shall see how that goes :)

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Shayna says:

I was trying to figure out how you added those textures thank you for sharing!
Jasper and the girls are absolutely adorable!!!