Happy New Year and Bye Bye Maternity Leave

That's a lot of kids. Happy new year IG!

I snapped this yesterday (new year’s day!) and it hit me as it sometimes does randomly – wow, I have a LOT OF KIDS!

2012 will forever be blazed into my memory as the year of change.  The year we did IVF, got pregnant with twins, MOVED to our current (dream) home, had said twins, that we watched Jasper become a big brother and that Jeff and I became the parents of 3 children. I’d call that a banner year if there ever was one!

And now I sit here wondering what in the world 2013 will have in store, and I can actually BLOG about my musings because I am back at work after my 3 month maternity leave.

I honestly thought I’d be THRILLED to some extent to rejoin the land of adults, where I don’t have to soothe/feed/change/burp or otherwise be attached to one if not two tiny humans 24/7 but I miss my girls.  And it doesn’t help at all that my mom just called and said that Sasha is refusing to take a bottle :( Damned if that girl isn’t Jasper II. She even looks exactly (I mean EXACTLY ) like Jasper at that age (more on that in another post!)

I am going to go home right now on my lunch hour to feed them so can’t write more, but I had to take a minute to write something to document this milestone – even though it’s a sad one…

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kari says:

Happy 2013 Ariana (and brood)!!!

I also loved your card – yours will arrive late (i didn’t have your new address, now i do :) thank you thank you)


jbhat says:

PS–Loved your card! Thanks for sending me one.


jbhat says:

Wow, 2012 was a very big deal! Hope 2013 will be good to you too (and that Sasha gets on board with the bottle).


Jacqueline says:

Welcome back to work, that’s a big push into 2013! Three gorgeous kids and a house of love, good times ahead :)

Nina says:

Looks at your boys with the girls. <3