13 Things I Can’t Live Without

In honor of my friend Hilary whose due date is today, I thought I would finally take a moment to list a few of the things that I could not have survived these first few months without!

1) Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play DELUXE


OMG, if they had had these when Jasper was a newborn, well, lets just say I would have a lot less wrinkles.  These things are the ONLY reason I get 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. With9 week olds. TWO of them!  I can’t even list all the reasons why the RNP is such a sanity saver, but it is, just read the amazon reviews.  Make sure you get the deluxe version though, earlier versions were not as cushy and there were some reports of babies getting flat heads from them.

2) Baby Connect Activity Logger App

When you leave the hospital, you will be instructed to keep note of how many poopy and wet diapers your baby has each day. You also will want to remember which side you offered first if you are breastfeeding. In my case I like to also know how LONG each baby ate on which side etc. Enter Baby connect which keeps track of all this and way more if you wish without needing to write it all down on a spreadsheet or a piece of paper that you can’t ever find.  Plus, it’s internet username based so you can share that information with other care providers!  I bought a copy for both my iPad and iPhone I love it so much.. I seriously would be completely lost without it.  It even lets you keep track of more than one baby, so it’s great for twin mammas too!

3) Belly Bandit Bamboo Wrap

I WISH I’d started wearing this sooner – As soon as I started wearing this basically 24/7 (3 weeks ago?) I noticed a HUGE difference in how much my post partum belly protrudes.. in fact, the one downfall is that it works almost too well and you will maybe need to buy a smaller size. When I first started using it, I could barely get the medium to close, now the medium is too big and I’m running out of velcro room to fasten it!  Even if you dont’ believe in belly binding for shrinking post pregnancy bellies, I still recommend this as an added ab support. The difference in how I felt getting out of bed holding a baby after nursing while wearing this vs. with nothing on is pretty drastic – particularly post c- section you want that extra support.  And now knowing what I know about my diastasis recti I really wish I’d started wearing it earlier and more often.

I highly recommend the bamboo version because it’s really comfy.  I also like the black because I wear it OVER clothes so it looks more like belt than the nude version. Ok a weird belt, but still.

4) Target Gillian Omalley Nursing Sleep Bras

I wear these 24/7. They are so much more comfy than they kind that unsnap from the top.

5) Deep V-neck shirts for nursing.

I got the Mossimo ones from Target:

I recommend getting a size larger than you wore pre-pregnancy, which not only helps hide the PP belly, but also helps with the v neck being loose and large enough to easily nurse.

These next two things are c-section specific: If you have a c-section, it’s recommended that you don’t wear low-rise anything for a few weeks because otherwise they will hit your skin/body exactly where your scar is. Doh! ALL my maternity clothes were the low rise kind and not the kind that had flaps that go over the belly, so I was in the unenviable position of needing to purchase maternity clothes that go over the belly AFTER I delivered :(

I bought items 6&7:

6) Asos full length maternity leggings:

These were a tip from my pregnant style maven sister -I love them, wearing them right now actually!

7) I didn’t REALLY want to buy anymore maternity clothes (who does?) so I got some yoga pants like these from Target:

I got them in a few colors. But see that purple flap at the top that is folded down for a low rise look? Well, if you pull it UP, voila, it’s like a demi maternity panel.  And bonus, if/when I ever get my stomach back I can turn them down again. And no, I probably won’t be doing any ACTUAL yoga anytime soon unfortunately.

8) Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

The five star reviews don’t lie, the girls LOVE this thing! It’s so cute watching them get all excited that their feet are making the sounds as they coo at themselves in the mirror above their faces!

9) Motherlove Nipple cream

The first time I posted something on FB about Willow doing a number on my nipples, I had about 20 replies telling me to get this cream.  It’s so much more gentle and easy to spread than the Lansinoh or my prefered Medela lanolin. It does come in a tiny jar, and the fact that it’s in a jar at all is kind of annoying (tubes are so much more sanitary!) but I love everything else about it, and you will see that everyone else who reviewed it on Amazon does too!

10) Wubbanub pacifiers

Willow’s barracuda like suck was capable of keeping the hospital distributed Soothie pacifier in her mouth from birth.  Sasha (and Jasper for that matter!) had a really hard time keeping it from falling out of her mouth until I got her a wubbanub! I rest the little pink elephant on her chest or put it in her hands and the weight of the bean bagged filled little animal keeps it from falling. PLUS they don’t get lost the way regular pacifiers do!

11) Triple Paste!

After running out of our standby Costco wipes I went to the drugstore and got some Huggies “sensitive” wipes which are insanely wet and gave both Sasha & Willow severe diaper rash. I posted on FB asking for advice and 99% of the comments said to try triple paste. Within 24 hours the rash was gone and I wouldn’t be caught without triple paste again! My only complaint is that I WISH I’d bought a tube instead of a tub. (Whoever thought that it was sanitary to have diaper cream in a tub should be fired!)

12) A Mommy Necklace (if you are breastfeeding).

me in my mommy necklace from when Jasper was a baby!

Even as young as my twins are, they reach up and grab the necklace instead of scratching my chest to death with their little razor sharp nails that I’m still to paranoid to cut!

13) The number of a good lactation consultant. I am an experienced nursing mamma and I’ve still had NUMEROUS issues.  It’s more than likely you will need a little help, and if being successful at nursing your baby is something you are committed to establishing a relationship with a L.C. before you even give birth is probably a good idea, and eve after birth if everything is going OK I’d STILL do it so that if you find yourself in a late night nursing emergency (seriously, there are such things like baby on a nursing strike and you need help NOW!) you have someone to contact right away.  Thanks to Obamacare it may even be covered by your insurance (mine have been!)

There are some other things I could list here, but I’m tired and the babies need to eat. Story of my life!

What are/were the things you couldn’t live without those first few months?


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Thanks for sharing Ariana. It’s so helpful. I’m 37 weeks pregnant now and counting those last few weeks left. I’m defiantly going to order Fisher Price Rock and may ask you for a number to your lactation consultant. I was wondering did you start using Fisher Price Rock since the very beginning?

jbhat says:

Great list! We really loved having the big square Swaddle Designs swaddling blankets. Aidan and Anais makes good ones too. And then when the babes outgrew swaddling, the sleepsacks from these companies were my favorite.


Lisa says:

Thank you Ariana!

ariana says:

Haha Heather, I really don’t know! I think its particularly important while you are still “healing” which after 4 years I don’t know.. but for SURE when you are exercising if you have a diastasis you need to splint the area to prevent further separation.

Lisa, for my register with Jasper I believe I used http://www.amazingregistry.com/ but many new ones have popped up since then. My sister who is pregnant now is using http://babyli.st/ which has a really nice looking interface!

Lisa says:

This is great info for a first time mom to be (like me) thank you!

Where do you suggest registering for baby items?
Thank you….

Heather says:

Do you think it’s too late for the Belly Bandit 4-1/2 years later? I’m thin, but I think my stomach still looks a little pregnant!