Black Friday Deals for Photographers!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving weekend wouldn’t be complete without shopping for some deals right?

I’m having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides:

Enter code FRIDAY12 at checkout and save 20% through midnight Cyber Monday!

Shoot & Sell is also on sale until midnight Cyber Monday, it’s $64.99, regularly $79.99.  I don’t have any other plans for a sale in the near future, so if you’ve been hoping for a discount this is the time!

If it’s something else you’ve been looking for, there are TONS of photography specific deals available and a few sites that have compiled lists of them all, so I thought I’d share:

If you know of any others, or any great deals -please post them in the comments – and let me know what YOU purchased today or are planning on purchasing this weekend!

PS: LR4 on amazon for $79!!

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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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