Diaper Rash Woes

Sasha Crying

I’d be crying like Sasha too if I had such bad diaper rash!

Jasper never had anything like it so I was a bit unprepared for it – our go to Weleda Diaper care I’d always used for Jasper wasn’t helping the incredibly angry and chapped redness that both girls developed almost overnight a few days ago…

It took me a day or so to put two and two together, but the onset coincided EXACTLY with us running out of the Costco Kirkland brand wipes and starting to use Huggies “sensitive” wipes that we picked up at the drugstore (because who has time to go to Costsco on even a semi-regular basis anymore??)

I noticed once we started using them how incredibly wet the Huggies wipes were.. like so wet they would never let the baby’s bottom dry off completely before putting on another diaper. Unless you have like all the time in the world and want to tempt fate by hanging out for a few minutes sans diaper. But whoever has the time to do that CLEARLY does not have twins, and most certainly doesn’t have a twin named Willow who likes to save her pee for the exact moment that I am changing her.

Within 24 hours of using the Huggies wipes the rash came on fast and furious and the Weleda Diaper care wasn’t curbing it. Having finally figured out the cause, we switched back to the Kirkland brand wipes but still needed a CURE for the raging rash.

Thanks to a desperate plea for advice on FB about which cream to use for severe diaper rash, we ran out and bought Triple Cream which in combination with the wipes change has healed them in less than 48 hours.

The purpose of this post is two-fold: a) Avoid the Huggies sensitive wipes like the plague and b) Triple paste is a god-send for sore bottoms.. I will now never be without it!

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stb says:

I *highly* recommend Gold Bond Baby Powder – it’s hard to find (I could only find it on amazon.com) but worked wonders on both of our kids. We used it proactively after it cleared up a horrible rash on our DD at 1 yr and we were rash free forever after that!

jbhat says:

Oh my god she’s cute. I’m glad the twins’ bums are feeling better.


Maggie says:

The only store bought wipes we can use are the Huggies Natural Care. All others, including the sensitive ones you mentioned burn up Finney’s poor tush. If it gets bad again, we also love to use cloth wipes with a baby oil/baby soap/water solution. One wet, one to dry, easy peasy.

Heather says:

Ouch! My son had HORRIBLE diaper rash, and the dr told me about this mix to make. I call it butt paste, and it really works (although at the time you won’t think it well, and it seems gloopy). Here goes:
1 tube Lotramin
1 tube Cortaid
1 tube Desitin
And Malox

Good luck!

Kate says:

The minute I saw diaper rash in the post, I was going to tell you about triple paste. It really is the most fabulous baby product out there. I think people are probably turned off by the $20 price tag but the tub lasts months. It’s safe to use everyday preventatively. It’s also the best thing for chapped winter hands, you know the kind that bleed and sting when you use regular hand cream. My son always got diaper rash from the pampers wipes. I really like earth’s best wipes. The ingredients are not quite as scary.

Jazmyn says:

Aw poor baby! I don’t miss diaper rashes at all. But yes!! I know what you’re talking about, my daughter ALWAYS got diaper rashes whenever we used any sort of Huggies product. I really don’t know what it was but now we stick to Pampers or Target lol.

Hope the rash goes away soon!

Jazmyn @ Sugar Pink