Shoot & Sell with Organic Bloom Frames!

I am working on putting together Sasha & Willow’s birth-story – but in the meantime, I have a couple of photography biz posts to take care of that I would be remiss in  not posting about!

Yesterday was a big day for Shoot & Sell (my iPad app!) because it was the day that the first update version 1.1 was released.  Not all updates are totally newsworthy, but I think this one is particularly exciting because now the app has the option of adding the Organic Bloom frames!

The price for the OB frame add on will be $34.99, but for the intro week of the update it’s just $19.99 which is a total steal once you see how easy and fun it is to use the OB frames in the app:

If you already have Shoot & Sell, just go to the app page in the iTunes store and click update. To get the OB frames, double tap on any single image to enter the edit image mode and then click on the frame icon. That brings up a dialogue asking Organic Bloom or Standard Frames. Click Organic Bloom and there will be a price of $34.99 to purchase.  Click on it, and once you do it will ask if you are sure you want to purchase for $19.99.

If you don’t yet have Shoot & Sell, click here to learn more, or here to download now!

Of course I am using it to try to come up with some ideas for the girls’ nursery using the gorgeous images Alicia took of them/us!  I did mock a few up using the actual nursery:

Wall Portrait Design

but I also cheated and used the stock backgrounds because they look so pretty :)

For above the changing table?

Photo Oct 14, 2 06 48 PM

For Sasha’s Wall:

Wall Portrait Design

For Willow’s Wall:

Wall Portrait Design

I’ll be sure to post when I finally make a decision on what to hang where -even with all of the technology I’ve created to assist with this sort of thing I’m SUCH a libra when it comes to making the final choice! :)


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