Sasha & Willow’s Birth Story

The twins are just over three weeks old – high time for this tired mama to finally write down some memories of their birth before amnesia by sleep-deprivationĀ  sets in – if it hasn’t already!

If you had been following …

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I am working on putting together Sasha & Willow’s birth-story – but in the meantime, I have a couple of photography biz posts to take care of that I would be remiss inĀ  not posting about!

Yesterday was a big …

Introducing Sasha Star & Willow Rose


Sasha Star – 6lbs 9 oz, 19.5 inches & Willow Rose, 6lbs 4 oz, 19 inches

Photos courtesy of the amazing Alicia Gould!

This post is such a long time coming (11 days to be exact!) because I …