The Girls’ Nursery!

Sasha & Willow's Nursery

Finally finished!

The paint color was there before we moved in, so we decided to go with it. The fuchsia paper balls were actually left over from the bridal party I threw my friend Alexis – Jeff dumped them in the Nursery to get them out of the way and as soon as I saw them in there I kind of fell in love with the color combo!

There are two cribs in here, one is up against the wall to the right across the chair from the crib you can see. It’s a small space, but it’s soothing and girly and I kind of love it!

I got an AWESOME deal on the Jenny Lind cribs when the daily price was low on Overstock one day when I checked and then I had some sort of coupon that basically made it 2 cribs for $300, which for a decent quality crib I thought was a steal.

The grey chevron sheets are from pottery barn kids, only $19 dollars or something VERY reasonable (and organic to boot!).  Unfortunately as reasonable as the sheets were, the 96″ ruffle curtain panels and bed skirts were NOT – $89 each for those crib skirts and each curtain panel – luckily we could get away with only one panel per window!

The rose garlands over the curtains were actually one VERY long one we cut that we got from Shindigz of all places because I spotted them when buying copious amounts of decorations for Jasper’s pirate pool party!

The glider was the same one I had from Jasper, I had scored it at a consignment sale for something ridiculously cheap like $125 – not bad considering it’s the deluxe model that leans all the way back.

We also are reusing the giant Ikea dresser that we used as a dresser/changing table in Jasper’s nursery, so all in all I THINK we did pretty well considering how expensive things can get with twiglets on the way. Now all it lacks is… the babies!

Well, that’s not entirely true – we still need to order some wall decoration/art – yes ironically I have not been able to make a decision on that yet. I KNOW I want Organic Bloom frames, and I mocked this up with my new app:

Photo Sep 21, 5 37 49 PM

The baby is one of my past clients, I just wanted to get a sense of which frame style, size and colors work in the room. What do you think?

Then, I JUST came across this Etsy seller PaperNut and fell instantly in love with her print of a mommy mermaid and two baby mermaids!

Isn’t that the cutest? I love the grey, but I think the grey background only works with blondes, and blonde I am NOT (nor do I think my babies will be!) so I contacted her and she is going to do a custom listing with this print but with two girls instead of one:

Again, I couldn’t choose size and color or Organic Bloom frame to put it in until I put it in my app – IMMEDIATELY I realized that the wavy (water-like!) shape of the Jessie frame was perfect:

It won’t go in that spot, but I can see that I love it with the rest of the room so It’s on order!

So, that’s the girls’ nursery – we actually finished it and I blogged about it before their arrival – feeling pretty good about that at the moment given my recent track record :)

In other news, I saw the MFM for the last time today – girls are only 7% apart, little baby is 5.14 and big baby is 6.7 – so fingers crossed the OB on Thursday green lights an attempt at a vaginal delivery which is looking more and more like it will be an induction.  I’ve been joking that I must have the world’s most rockin’ womb because my kids do NOT want to leave (if you haven’t been reading that long, Jasper was 41weeks 4 days!)

The more unsettling news is that after my visit to the hematologist, my “looking great” 130 platelet count has now dropped to 110 – a mere 10 away from the “you might not be able to have an epidural” danger zone.

Fingers crossed!

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Kate says:

I knew I was being slow. guessing 5.14 means 5 lb 14 oz. not 5.14 lbs.

Kate says:

Call me crazy but aren’t they more like 30% apart? 6.7/5.14 = 1.3? Or maybe there was a typo? or maybe I’m being a bit slow today!! ;-)
Is there a reason they are going to induce you? I haven’t been following too closely. Hope they come before then!! Wishing you the best for a happy and healthy delivery, and healthy little girls. I can’t wait to see pictures of them. It’s hard to imagine a newborn cuter than Jasper though.
Pregnancy pics?
Every time there’s a lull, I think you’ve had them already!!

What a beautiful room, and I could not love that little mermaid and mommy print more! That frame is 100% perfect for you. Fingers and toes crossed for a vaginal delivery for you, and soon!

ana from theknot says:

absolutely beautiful nursery!!

i wish you the best of luck in the next couple of days! i’m sure you will do great! watching you go through your pregnancy has brought back so many wonderful memories of my own, with my identical twin girls who are now 2.5!


jbhat says:

I did place an order and am so glad I did it right away–it said it was the last one. Thanks again for the inspiration.


Lisa says:

I love everything about the nursery… the cribs, the wall color, the blue lamp, the pink garlands, but I think my favorite thing is the curtains! Oh and I LOVE the mermaid print also!
Good luck, I hope you have a smooth delivery!

Camila says:

Ariana, I can wait to meet your girls! Be sure to ask for a twin discount on whatever big items you buy for the girls…(matresses for example which you already have …you might be able to get some money back). I used to work at a Chain baby store a few years ago….

How is Jasper anticipating their artival?

I love the color combo you chose. Love the fact that by adding/removing/switching the pink/fuschia with yellow, you can change it in the years to come if needed!

Hope those platelets go back up missy!!!

ariana says:

Anne – you and me BOTH!

Ava, I like the order you put those in LOL.

JB, thanks so much!! Isn’t the print fantastic? You should totally order one for you and S.! Glad you like the names.. it took us forever to decide and we are STILL not set on middle names. Nothing like waiting until the laaaaast second!

Kristy – I’m not working anymore, I’ll text you!

Kristy says:

Hey! We MISS you guys! I have been trying to reach you with no luck (I am sure you are crazed, as well as exhausted). How are you? Would love to catch up some how, some way. The room looks great! Xoxoxo

jbhat says:

spy, not spay. ugh!

jbhat says:

Aaaah! I’m so glad I checked in on you today. The nursery is GORGEOUS. Gorgeous. You are going to love spending time in there and so will your girls. I am smitten with the mermaids….my jaw literally dropped to my desk. I might need a brown haired version for me and my little one too.

So happy for you!! And the names?? Did I spay them in a post title somehow? Have you shared them? Either way, they are wonderful. Perfect!


Ava says:

Fingers crossed :)
I am so excited about how crazy, insane, fun your life is about to get

anne laney says:

adorable! i still can’t believe you are having twins! it’s surreal.