To Jasper on Your Fourth Birthday


Dear Jasper,

I’m so sorry this letter is 5 days late!

I’ve been so busy, and as you know my belly is so big I can’t do a lot of things that I used to do like take your pictures in time for your birthday post, play with you on the floor, pick things up off the floor and well, just about anything these days.  It makes me sad that I’m not very much fun our last few weeks together before you become a big brother, but I hope some day you’ll forgive me for being a bit crankier and more boring than usual!

When I think about this last year it just amazes me the change that has happened from 3 to 4.. this time last year you were still a bit of a cuddly mush, but now my little toddler has been replaced by a KID, a skinny necked, goofy, adorable, sweet, whip-smart, FUNNY kid.


Fewer are the moments when you drop everything because you need me (no more “mommy, I need a HUG!”) and I know that the timing is perfect with your sisters coming so soon that you should be more independent, but I think I finally realize just what people meant when they said cherish those first few years.

I almost feel like it’s a new you, one that I’m having fun getting to know, who makes me laugh, teases and is so much fun to be around.  It’s not just me and daddy who think so, all your friends at preschool love you, and your teachers too.  Lately your teachers have gone out of their way to tell me how well behaved and mature you’ve become!


You still love books, and stories.. in fact every few minutes it seems you are asking us to tell you a story. Your other favorite things are still bear (which makes mommy happy) and pretend fighting with daddy. I think you would pretend fight with daddy all day long if you could. Like mommy you also love taking pictures, either with your vtech camera or mommy’s iPhone, which is now full of your creations. I can’t wait to teach you about photography someday!

You can make a game out of ANYTHING, it constantly amazes me what you manage to distract yourself with at the dinner table despite the no toys at the table rule!  In fact, getting you to stop playing and eat, or get dressed, or get in the car or do anything is challenging, you are so easily distracted by all the fun you could be having.


I think that all things considered we’ve had a pretty good summer as our family of three before the girls come – lots of time with friends and family, LOTS of time in the pool and enjoying our new house before it becomes ground zero for chaos when your sisters come :)

I’m so proud of how much you already love your sisters, always watching out for them by asking mommy if what she’s eating or drinking is good for the babies. Even though you have no idea what crazy changes are about to really happen, I have no doubt that you will be the best big brother that our girls could ever hope for.  They are SO lucky, and so are mommy and daddy to have son like you.  I hope that through all the upheaval that happens when new babies come that you never forget how much we love you. You will have to share mommy and daddy with your sisters, but I knew that having two more little souls on the planet to love you just as much as we do will make up for it someday.  All of our hearts will grow so much this year – we are a very lucky little family, about to become a lucky big family!


Mommy, who loves you “so much, so much, more than anything in the whole wide world” as you would say!

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yulie says:

This post makes me cry! My daughter will be 4 year old next month and there are a lot of similarities (behavious wise) to Jasper. Happy 4th birthday Jasper and can’t wait to see the twins :)

GiGi says:

This is so sweet and one day I know he will cherish it as much as you will.

(((HUGS))) to you guys.

Melanie says:

This post of yours is so sweet. I really had to contain myself not starting to cry… You’re an amazing mommy and you’ll be a great mommy of 3. No doubt!

Nina says:

He looks so sweet in these pictures. I loved reading this post! :)

Ava says:

He is one kid full of awesome. Happy 4 years, Pirate Jasper!