The Birthday Party that Almost Never Was

What a crazy roller coaster ride these last few days have been!  It all started on Wednesday when I get the call from daycare that Jasper is running a 102 fever. Kind of shocking considering he was totally well when I dropped him off in the morning. He had NO other symptoms other than the fever.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time really, I have so much work to do on my app, party planning etc that having him home made it hard to juggle all these things. Not to mention that my sister flew in all the way from LA Tuesday night to visit and help me with the party and for medical reasons couldn’t be exposed to an unknown virus!

I was praying it was just some 24 hour bug, but Thursday morning he was almost fine but spiked a high fever again in the afternoon and it broke around 10pm. Friday (the last day before his party!) he had a lowish grade fever all day 101, then 99 and we were just completely conflicted about what to do. The pediatrician saw him that morning and said it was definitely a virus, could be anything.   In the end I had a feeling that it would be his last day sick because the fever stayed low grade all day and didn’t spike high like it had been doing, and he was in completely fine spirits acting like his normal self. Still, we didn’t want to expose anyone without warning, so we sent out an email explaining the situation emphasizing that he was not coughing, sneezing or doing anything that would otherwise spread an illness – plus the entire party was to be outdoors, so it’s not like they’d even be breathing the same air!

Two people did cancel and another 2 because THEY were sick, so the party was a bit smaller than originally anticipated, but we still had a great turn out!

The other crazy-making factor was the weather. My dad (who shares the same birthday as Jasper!) has always said that his birthday marks the end of summer. By that he means that in mid-august the nights get cooler, and you can almost feel fall in the air.  It’s true, the weather forecast was only calling for mid 70s all weekend with RAIN Friday night and mostly cloudy on Saturday with a good chance of scattered thunderstorms.

When we woke up Saturday morning to rain that didn’t stop until almost 9am (the party started at 11am!) we really thought we had made the complete wrong call not postponing until Sunday which was supposed to be mostly sunny. But finally the rain stopped, the sun started to peak through and we just cranked the heat up in the pool hoping people would want to swim anyway.

And you know what? The sun ended up coming out and it felt HOT when it did. There were still some periods of cloudiness where it felt a bit cooler than I would have liked, but we got extremely lucky. Sunday ended up being MUCH cloudier and cooler!

All in all we feel so lucky it went as well as it did, and Jasper had a great time and I think his friends did too. This was the first year we opted to have just all his pre-school friends instead of all of our friends and family and I think Jasper really enjoyed that. Though I personally wish we’d been able to have another smaller party for friends and family because god knows after the twins come socializing will be a lot more difficult. But it is what it is, we couldn’t have handled planning another gathering no matter how small.  As it was I completely exhausted myself and Jeff worked himself to the bone making up for my lack of mobility.

THANK GOD uncle Justin came up for the weekend and entertained Jasper while we set up Saturday, and my sister and dad were also there to help set-up and decorate. It was a team effort!

My pictures this year were not up to my normal standards, but I wasn’t in the position to go chasing people down for their turn in the pirate “photo booth” because I had to rest too frequently.  But I still think I managed to capture some of the spirit of the event..



Waiting for everyone to arrive..








The cake was not only great looking, it tasted AH-MAZING. Seriously, one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. (locals, it’s from Le Gateau Suisse in Orangeburg)






















He was so mortified when everyone started singing happy birthday, I was actually worried he was going to start crying! But he powered through it..


Yesterday the 19th was Jasper’s ACTUAL birthday and my Dad’s too. So Jeff and my Dad took him to the NY Renaissance festival that he enjoyed so much last year as a birthday treat. They met his cousins there and I heard they had a blast. I really wish I could have gone, but I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes walking around the fair grounds..  my mobile days are over I’m afraid.  Because the morning was a bit hectic, we decided to celebrate my dad’s 66th and Jasper’s 4th with a birthday dinner and presents after:





It was almost 9 by the time we finished opening presents and Jasper still needed a bath so we had to rush him through it a bit, which is definitely the opposite of what felt right. Poor guy wanted to PLAY with each thing after he opened it and we had to kind of prevent him, and then try to send him off to bed after all that sugar and adrenaline. Not a good plan! Fortunately all the excitement of the weekend must have caught up with him because he crashed in no time at all.

I can’t believe my baby is FOUR!

I need to write his four year old letter but I’m so devastated that I don’t have a picture to go with it – this is the first year that I haven’t been able to do a “portrait” session with him for his birthday and it makes me want to cry :(


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GiGi says:

Happy birthday to your big boy! Don’t sweat missing the portrait session. You are going to have so many wonderful memories of the day as-is. And you do have great shots from the party as well.

Take care!

jbhat says:

Happy Birthday to Jasper! (and your dad) I love that he and my little one have the same day…just a year apart. We had a great day celebrating on Sunday (all day!) with just family….I felt overwhelmed by trying to include pre-school kiddos and their parents. I’m impressed that you did! It looks like it all turned out GREAT.


CJ says:

What a lovely party! My twins birthday is Dec 23rd, so it really hard to do something outdoors! If you miss doing something with Jasper now, wait until those little twins are taking away all your time, attention and energy… Sucks, but that’s life with multiple kids.. I can’t believe he’s 4 either. I’ve been reading your blog since before he was even born! Crazy huh? Time flies! I know you don’t read mine, but I really enjoy your photos, stories and good information… I hope you will keep it up after the twins are born but I know it’ll be hard. Can’t wait to see those babies!! :)

your photos turned out amazing what an awesome pirate party!

Kelly R says:

Looked awesome! Always great parties at your house. Happy 4th to Jasper!